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ASCS Rocky Mountain Regional Series 2001 standings

Championship points standings for the ASCS Rocky Mountain Regional Series 2001

Most race winsFlag Randi Miller
Most podium positionsFlag Nick Haygood
Most podium positions without a winFlag Patrick Bourke

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Randi Miller, Patrick Bourke, Nick Haygood, Danny Williams, Scott Box, Mike Archuleta, Larry LaPointe, Mike Dreiling, Eric Miller, Bud Goodwin, Jesse Baker, George Holstein, Nicholas Rael, Monte Hein, John Carney, Jace Pennetta, Mike Wells, Bryan Jamison, Bo Baker, Jeff Heffner, Tim West, Rickey Hood, Joe McCarthy, Lonnie Cox, Kenny Lewis, Robert Gaines, Jamie Field, Beau Binder, Joe Bustillos, Jason Grady, Ben Cheever, Ty Brooks, Chris Dody, Mark Walinder, Mike Thigpen, Brian Casteen, Brai Hossel, Dick Dodge, Robert Hanley, Ron Rosenboom, Jerry Brey, Phil Dietz, Rick Paose, Mark Sweet, Bill Keester, Rick Salem, Austin Gillette, Mike Pennell, Ned Powers, Clint Anderson, Willie Hernandez, Vince Novotny, Dave Olsan, Chris Youngman, Willie Hernandez Jr, Rich Miller, Jeremiah Sillman, Kevin Holtz, Ron Love, Greg Boltz, Cody Salem, Don Stoutman, Paige Lee, Ryan Gossell, Rich Martin, Dave Wells, Ray Bergener, Chris Hendricks, Willie Hernandez III69

Individual driver statistics for the 2001 ASCS Rocky Mountain Regional Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Anderson, ClintFlag 24 y/o1000
Archuleta, MikeFlag n/a3010
Baker, BoFlag n/a2000
Baker, JesseFlag n/a3000
Bergener, RayFlag n/a1000
Binder, BeauFlag 19 y/o1000
Boltz, GregFlag n/a1000
Bourke, PatrickFlag 28 y/o5020
Box, ScottFlag n/a3000
Brey, JerryFlag n/a1000
Brooks, TyFlag n/a1000
Bustillos, JoeFlag n/a2000
Carney, JohnFlag n/a1000
Casteen, BrianFlag n/a3000
Cheever, BenFlag n/a1000
Cox, LonnieFlag 32 y/o5110
Dietz, PhilFlag n/a1000
Dodge, DickFlag n/a10000
Dody, ChrisFlag n/a3000
Dreiling, MikeFlag 32 y/o9010
Field, JamieFlag n/a3000
Gaines, RobertFlag n/a2000
Gillette, AustinFlag n/a1000
Goodwin, BudFlag n/a1000
Gossell, RyanFlag n/a1000
Grady, JasonFlag n/a2000
Hanley, RobertFlag n/a3000
Haygood, NickFlag 18 y/o9180
Heffner, JeffFlag 27 y/o4000
Hein, MonteFlag n/a3010
Hendricks, ChrisFlag n/a1000
Hernandez, WillieFlag n/a2000
Hernandez III, WillieFlag n/a10000
Hernandez Jr, WillieFlag n/a2000
Holstein, GeorgeFlag n/a1000
Holtz, KevinFlag n/a1010
Hood, RickeyFlag 48 y/o2110
Hossel, BraiFlag n/a1000
Jamison, BryanFlag 38 y/o2000
Keester, BillFlag n/a1000
LaPointe, LarryFlag n/a7000
Lee, PaigeFlag n/a3000
Lewis, KennyFlag n/a3000
Love, RonFlag n/a1000
Martin, RichFlag n/a1000
McCarthy, JoeFlag 44 y/o8010
Miller, EricFlag 21 y/o8010
Miller, RandiFlag 34 y/o6450
Miller, RichFlag n/a10000
Novotny, VinceFlag n/a1000
Olsan, DaveFlag n/a1000
Paose, RickFlag n/a1000
Pennell, MikeFlag n/a1000
Pennetta, JaceFlag 37 y/o9010
Powers, NedFlag n/a1110
Rael, NicholasFlag n/a1000
Rosenboom, RonFlag n/a2000
Salem, CodyFlag n/a3000
Salem, RickFlag n/a1000
Sillman, JeremiahFlag n/a1010
Stoutman, DonFlag n/a2000
Sweet, MarkFlag 54 y/o3000
Thigpen, MikeFlag 43 y/o4000
Walinder, MarkFlag 46 y/o2000
Wells, DaveFlag n/a1000
Wells, MikeFlag 44 y/o1000
West, TimFlag n/a3000
Williams, DannyFlag n/a3110
Youngman, ChrisFlag n/a1000
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