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ASCS National Tour 1996 standings

Championship points standings for the ASCS National Tour 1996

Most race winsFlag Terry Gray
Flag Garry Lee Maier
Most podium positionsFlag Garry Lee Maier
Most podium positions without a winFlag Aaron Lemmons

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Andy Hillenburg, Terry Gray, Garry Lee Maier, Tommie Estes Jr, Daryn Pittman, Wayne Johnson, Gary Wright, Jason Sides, Danny Wood, Wally Henson, Glen Passmore, Donny Schatz, Glen Forbes, David Steel, Mike Ward, Jerrod Hull, Eddie Gallagher, Terry McCarl, Pete Braswell, Johnny Herrera, Danny Jennings, Doug Wolfgang, John Gerloff, Taylor Andrews, Larry Pinegar II, Randy Whitman, Jim Starr, Arley Wheetley, Aaron Lemmons, Don Droud Jr, Pete Butler, Bobby Davis Jr, Mike McElya, Bob Ewell, Bobby Huddleston, Alan Payne, Rickey Hood, Danny Lasoski, Tim Crawley, Eric Sandage40

Individual driver statistics for the 1996 ASCS National Tour

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Andrews, TaylorFlag n/a1010
Braswell, PeteFlag n/a3130
Butler, PeteFlag 27 y/o2020
Crawley, TimFlag 26 y/o1010
Davis Jr, BobbyFlag 33 y/o2020
Droud Jr, DonFlag 34 y/o1010
Estes Jr, TommieFlag 36 y/o25170
Ewell, BobFlag 46 y/o1010
Forbes, GlenFlag n/a200000
Gallagher, EddieFlag 37 y/o4240
Gerloff, JohnFlag n/a2020
Gray, TerryFlag 37 y/o358190
Henson, WallyFlag n/a200000
Herrera, JohnnyFlag 29 y/o1110
Hillenburg, AndyFlag 30 y/o2220
Hood, RickeyFlag 43 y/o1010
Huddleston, BobbyFlag n/a1010
Hull, JerrodFlag 20 y/o1110
Jennings, DannyFlag 21 y/o0000
Johnson, WayneFlag 24 y/o20260
Lasoski, DannyFlag 37 y/o2020
Lemmons, AaronFlag n/a3030
Maier, Garry LeeFlag 36 y/o358200
McCarl, TerryFlag 31 y/o2120
McElya, MikeFlag n/a1010
Passmore, GlenFlag n/a200000
Payne, AlanFlag n/a1010
Pinegar II, LarryFlag n/a2020
Pittman, DarynFlag 17 y/o25010
Sandage, EricFlag n/a1010
Schatz, DonnyFlag 18 y/o100
Sides, JasonFlag 23 y/o20110
Starr, JimFlag n/a1010
Steel, DavidFlag n/a1110
Ward, MikeFlag 40 y/o6460
Wheetley, ArleyFlag n/a1010
Whitman, RandyFlag n/a1010
Wolfgang, DougFlag 43 y/o2120
Wood, DannyFlag 38 y/o20240
Wright, GaryFlag 37 y/o20280
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