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Southern Trailer Works ASCS Gulf South Regional Series 2015 standings

Championship points standings for the Southern Trailer Works ASCS Gulf South Regional Series 2015

Most race winsFlag Blake Hahn
Flag Ray Allen Kulhanek
Flag Scottie McDonald
Flag Seth Bergman
Most podium positionsFlag Channin Tankersley
Most podium positions without a winFlag Tommy Bryant
Flag Travis Rilat

Nationality of participating drivers

98.6%U.S.A.Flag Blake Hahn, Ray Allen Kulhanek, Brandon Hanks, Tommy Bryant, Kevin Ramey, Caleb Martin, Greg Rilat, Michael McNeil, Michael Lang, Scottie McDonald, Zane Lawrence, Tyson Hall, Larry Howery, Parker Price-Miller, Shawn Petersen, Josh Baughman, Klint Angelette, Travis Elliott, Channin Tankersley, Johnny Brown, Bruce Crockett, Sam Hafertepe Jr., Jerod Roller, Jacob Lucas, Travis Rilat, Mike Walling, John Pate, Mark Harris, Harry Yerrington, Steve Block, John Carney II, Morgan Turpen, Lane Whittington, Terry Gray, Randy Allen, Mark Huddleston, Brian Hatlestad, Raven Culp, Claud Estes III, Marcus Thomas, Bruce Griffith Jr, Cody Barksdale, Howard Moore, Andy Shouse, Brandon Corn, Ryan Hall, Beau Smith, Scott Smith, Charlie McDonald, Dustin Gates, Cody Stacy, Justin Fifield, Trey Schmidt, Andrew van Blarcum, Dustin Welch, Steve Hubbard, Seth Bergman, Michelle Parson, Jordan Mallett, Justin Melton, A.J. Weaver, Chris Sweeney, Aaron Reutzel, Cody Tankersley, Jimmy Brooks, Jerry Cox, Shady Price, Tony Bruce Jr.68
1.4%AustraliaFlag Scott Bogucki1

Individual driver statistics for the 2015 Southern Trailer Works ASCS Gulf South Regional Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Allen, RandyFlag n/a8000
Angelette, KlintFlag 22 y/o11010
Barksdale, CodyFlag n/a12000
Baughman, JoshFlag n/a4110
Bergman, SethFlag 27 y/o2220
Block, SteveFlag n/a2000
Bogucki, ScottFlag 25 y/o1000
Brooks, JimmyFlag 36 y/o20000
Brown, JohnnyFlag n/a4000
Bruce Jr., TonyFlag 30 y/o00000
Bryant, TommyFlag 28 y/o14040
Carney II, JohnFlag 32 y/o2110
Corn, BrandonFlag 41 y/o3000
Cox, JerryFlag n/a10000
Crockett, BruceFlag 48 y/o3000
Culp, RavenFlag n/a1000
Elliott, TravisFlag 35 y/o3000
Estes III, ClaudFlag 52 y/o2000
Fifield, JustinFlag n/a3000
Gates, DustinFlag n/a8000
Gray, TerryFlag 56 y/o2000
Griffith Jr, BruceFlag 68 y/o1000
Hafertepe Jr., SamFlag 29 y/o5120
Hahn, BlakeFlag n/a2220
Hall, RyanFlag 32 y/o1000
Hall, TysonFlag n/a9000
Hanks, BrandonFlag n/a5020
Harris, MarkFlag n/a2000
Hatlestad, BrianFlag n/a10000
Howery, LarryFlag 45 y/o14000
Hubbard, SteveFlag 35 y/o1000
Huddleston, MarkFlag n/a4000
Kulhanek, Ray AllenFlag 32 y/o14250
Lang, MichaelFlag 27 y/o10000
Lawrence, ZaneFlag n/a14000
Lucas, JacobFlag n/a14010
Mallett, JordanFlag 19 y/o4010
Martin, CalebFlag n/a13000
McDonald, CharlieFlag n/a1000
McDonald, ScottieFlag 38 y/o9230
McNeil, MichaelFlag 31 y/o14130
Melton, JustinFlag 28 y/o1000
Moore, HowardFlag 18 y/o1000
Parson, MichelleFlag n/a1000
Pate, JohnFlag 31 y/o14000
Petersen, ShawnFlag n/a5000
Price, ShadyFlag n/a10000
Price-Miller, ParkerFlag 17 y/o2000
Ramey, KevinFlag 45 y/o14140
Reutzel, AaronFlag 25 y/o2000
Rilat, GregFlag 59 y/o5000
Rilat, TravisFlag 37 y/o6040
Roller, JerodFlag n/a20000
Schmidt, TreyFlag n/a1000
Shouse, AndyFlag 34 y/o1000
Smith, BeauFlag 50 y/o5000
Smith, ScottFlag n/a1000
Stacy, CodyFlag n/a6000
Sweeney, ChrisFlag 48 y/o2000
Tankersley, ChanninFlag 24 y/o14160
Tankersley, CodyFlag n/a20000
Thomas, MarcusFlag n/a1000
Turpen, MorganFlag 22 y/o2000
van Blarcum, AndrewFlag n/a2000
Walling, MikeFlag n/a8000
Weaver, A.J.Flag 60 y/o1000
Welch, DustinFlag n/a2000
Whittington, LaneFlag n/a3000
Yerrington, HarryFlag 64 y/o13000
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