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ASCS - Speedweek 2001 standings

Championship points standings for the ASCS - Speedweek 2001

Most race winsFlag Kevin Ramey
Flag Larry Neighbors
Flag Zach Chappell
Flag Mike Ward
Flag Wayne Johnson
Flag Gary Wright
Flag A G Rains
Most podium positionsFlag Kevin Ramey
Flag Wayne Johnson
Most podium positions without a winFlag Michael Dupuy
Flag B J Baze
Flag Tim Crawley
Flag D J Masner
Flag Mike Peters
Flag Christi Passmore

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Kevin Ramey, Larry Neighbors, Zach Chappell, Pete Butler, Lewis Jenkins Jr, Mike Ward, Eric Sandage, Michael Dupuy, Dale Howard, Toby Brown, Kelly Angelette, Jan Howard, Jeff Day, Joe Bustillos, John Pate, Wayne Pennington, Wayne Johnson, Ricky Williams, Stephanie Chappell, B J Baze, Jason Crawley, Gary Wright, A G Rains, Tim Crawley, Robert Sellers, Rick Behr, D J Masner, Jim Bowden, Mitch Williams, Jesse Easley, Raymond Stull, Jeff Leach, Henry Gustavus, Eddie Gallagher, Kenny Coke, Josh Baker, Kenny Conrad, Robert Gentry, Cory Herring, Michael Craddock, Eric White, Sonny Sayre, DeWayne Prince, Mike Peters, Paul White, C J Johnson, Billy Wilburn, Christi Passmore, A J Selenke, Monte Hein, Todd Frisbie, Nick Smith, J D Johnson, George White, Ronny Howard, Mitchell Moore, Danny Jennings, Andy Shouse, Shelby Stinson, J P Bailey, Rick Ziehl, Chris Kopczynski, Bobby Dempsey, Chad Cavett, Billy Page, Glen Passmore, Brian Harvill, Beau Bender, Foster Landon, Keith Walker, Brandon Erwin, Bobby Huddleston, Justin Zimmerman, Eric Payne, Travis Scott, Jerry Pinzkard, Ian Brown, Matt Clevenger, Cody Wampler, Claud Estes III, Loyd Clevenger, James Shoun, Jeff Garnett, Steve Ochs, Terry Mortenson85

Individual driver statistics for the 2001 ASCS - Speedweek

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Angelette, KellyFlag 34 y/o6000
Bailey, J PFlag 21 y/o1000
Baker, JoshFlag n/a1000
Baze, B JFlag 22 y/o7010
Behr, RickFlag 37 y/o4000
Bender, BeauFlag n/a20000
Bowden, JimFlag n/a1000
Brown, IanFlag n/a10000
Brown, TobyFlag 24 y/o7000
Bustillos, JoeFlag n/a5000
Butler, PeteFlag 32 y/o3000
Cavett, ChadFlag n/a20000
Chappell, StephanieFlag n/a7000
Chappell, ZachFlag 19 y/o7120
Clevenger, LoydFlag n/a1000
Clevenger, MattFlag 16 y/o10000
Coke, KennyFlag n/a1000
Conrad, KennyFlag n/a1000
Craddock, MichaelFlag n/a1000
Crawley, JasonFlag n/a5000
Crawley, TimFlag 31 y/o7010
Day, JeffFlag n/a3000
Dempsey, BobbyFlag n/a30000
Dupuy, MichaelFlag 22 y/o7010
Easley, JesseFlag n/a1000
Erwin, BrandonFlag 25 y/o1000
Estes III, ClaudFlag 38 y/o10000
Frisbie, ToddFlag 24 y/o1000
Gallagher, EddieFlag 42 y/o1000
Garnett, JeffFlag n/a1000
Gentry, RobertFlag n/a1000
Gustavus, HenryFlag n/a1000
Harvill, BrianFlag 31 y/o20000
Hein, MonteFlag n/a3000
Herring, CoryFlag n/a1000
Howard, DaleFlag 25 y/o6000
Howard, JanFlag 23 y/o7000
Howard, RonnyFlag n/a40000
Huddleston, BobbyFlag n/a1000
Jenkins Jr, LewisFlag n/a3000
Jennings, DannyFlag 26 y/o3000
Johnson, C JFlag 21 y/o1000
Johnson, J DFlag n/a1000
Johnson, WayneFlag 29 y/o7140
Kopczynski, ChrisFlag n/a2000
Landon, FosterFlag n/a1000
Leach, JeffFlag n/a1000
Masner, D JFlag 25 y/o1010
Moore, MitchellFlag n/a2000
Mortenson, TerryFlag n/a10000
Neighbors, LarryFlag 29 y/o7120
Ochs, SteveFlag 46 y/o1000
Page, BillyFlag n/a20000
Passmore, ChristiFlag 19 y/o5010
Passmore, GlenFlag n/a2000
Pate, JohnFlag 17 y/o4000
Payne, EricFlag n/a10000
Pennington, WayneFlag n/a7000
Peters, MikeFlag 49 y/o2010
Pinzkard, JerryFlag n/a10000
Prince, DeWayneFlag n/a1000
Rains, A GFlag 27 y/o4110
Ramey, KevinFlag 31 y/o7140
Sandage, EricFlag n/a4000
Sayre, SonnyFlag n/a1000
Scott, TravisFlag n/a2000
Selenke, A JFlag n/a1000
Sellers, RobertFlag n/a7000
Shoun, JamesFlag 39 y/o1000
Shouse, AndyFlag 20 y/o10000
Smith, NickFlag 18 y/o1000
Stinson, ShelbyFlag n/a10000
Stull, RaymondFlag 28 y/o1000
Walker, KeithFlag n/a1000
Wampler, CodyFlag 21 y/o10000
Ward, MikeFlag 45 y/o4110
White, EricFlag n/a1000
White, GeorgeFlag 31 y/o30000
White, PaulFlag 38 y/o4000
Wilburn, BillyFlag 34 y/o2000
Williams, MitchFlag n/a1000
Williams, RickyFlag n/a7000
Wright, GaryFlag 42 y/o4110
Ziehl, RickFlag 33 y/o3000
Zimmerman, JustinFlag n/a10000
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