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Armstrong 500 - Class B 1963 standings

Race results for Armstrong 500 - Class B 1963

1.Flag Doug ChivasMorris CooperBMC 1.1
1.Flag Ken WilkinsonMorris CooperBMC 1.1
2.Flag John GatesDelore MotorsMorris CooperBMC 1.1
2.Flag Mike NedelkoDelore MotorsMorris CooperBMC 1.1
3.Flag Ern AbbottFord Motor CompanyFord Cortina 1500Ford 1.5
3.Flag Alan CaelliFord Motor CompanyFord Cortina 1500Ford 1.5
4.Flag K. BurnsFord Motor CompanyFord Cortina 1500Ford 1.5
4.Flag Max VolkersFord Motor CompanyFord Cortina 1500Ford 1.5
5.Flag Wal DonnellyBamar MotorsMorris CooperBMC 1.1
5.Flag John MarchioriBamar MotorsMorris CooperBMC 1.1
6.Flag John MartinP & R WilliamsMorris CooperBMC 1.1
6.Flag Des WestP & R WilliamsMorris CooperBMC 1.1
7.Flag Om HardingMorris CooperBMC 1.1
7.Flag Adrian YannuccelliMorris CooperBMC 1.1
8.Flag Frank MatichRenault R8Renault 1.0
8.Flag George MurrayRenault R8Renault 1.0
9.Flag John ConnollyRenault R8Renault 1.0
9.Flag Rod DraperRenault R8Renault 1.0
10.Flag Brian FoleyP & R WilliamsMorris CooperBMC 1.1
10.Flag Peter MantonP & R WilliamsMorris CooperBMC 1.1
11.Flag Peter BrownMorris CooperBMC 1.1
11.Flag Ron MarshallMorris CooperBMC 1.1
12.Flag Ron HodgsonMorris CooperBMC 1.1
12.Flag Charlie SmithMorris CooperBMC 1.1
13.Flag Ken BrigdenSimca ArondeSimca 1.3
13.Flag Bruce SmithSimca ArondeSimca 1.3
14.Flag Barry GurdonGurdon MotorsMorris Major EliteBMC 1.6
14.Flag Gerry Trevor-JonesGurdon MotorsMorris Major EliteBMC 1.6
15.Flag Alan EdneyMorris Major EliteBMC 1.6
15.Flag Jack MurrayMorris Major EliteBMC 1.6
16.Flag Warren BlomfieldGurdon MotorsMorris Major EliteBMC 1.6
16.Flag Female Lorraine HillGurdon MotorsMorris Major EliteBMC 1.6
17.Flag Ron ThorpMorris Major EliteBMC 1.6
17.Flag John WhiteMorris Major EliteBMC 1.6
18.Flag Les ParkRenault GordiniRenault 0.8
18.Flag Fred SutherlandRenault GordiniRenault 0.8
19.Flag Ron ClarkeScuderia VeloceRenault R8Renault 1.0
19.Flag Dave WalkerScuderia VeloceRenault R8Renault 1.0
Flag Paul BoltonMorris CooperBMC 1.1
Flag Sid HowardMorris CooperBMC 1.1
Flag Dave HumphriesMorris CooperBMC 1.1
Flag Doug KelleyDelore MotorsMorris CooperBMC 1.1
Flag Graham KelleyDelore MotorsMorris CooperBMC 1.1
Flag Carl KennedyThree Way MotorsSimca ArondeSimca 1.3
Flag Mike MartinMorris CooperBMC 1.1
Flag Doug StewartThree Way MotorsSimca ArondeSimca 1.3
Flag Laurie StewartMorris CooperBMC 1.1
Flag Les WeileyMorris CooperBMC 1.1
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