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Armstrong 500 - Class B 1960 standings

Race results for Armstrong 500 - Class B 1960

1.Flag Murray GaltMelody MotorsSimca ArondeSimca 1.3
1.Flag Bill MurrayMelody MotorsSimca ArondeSimca 1.3
2.Flag Lionel MarshChrysler AustraliaSimca ArondeSimca 1.3
2.Flag Jack NougherChrysler AustraliaSimca ArondeSimca 1.3
3.Flag Bob BrownChrysler AustraliaSimca ArondeSimca 1.3
3.Flag Michael LempriereChrysler AustraliaSimca ArondeSimca 1.3
4.Flag Ern AbbottAustralian Motor IndustriesTriumph HeraldStandard 0.9
4.Flag Jack MaurerAustralian Motor IndustriesTriumph HeraldStandard 0.9
5.Flag Max McPhersonVolkswagen Type 1Volkswagen 1.2
5.Flag Rex OrmanVolkswagen Type 1Volkswagen 1.2
6.Flag Greg CusackLanock MotorsVolkswagen Type 1Volkswagen 1.2
6.Flag David McKayLanock MotorsVolkswagen Type 1Volkswagen 1.2
7.Flag Arthur WylieSpencer MotorsVolkswagen Type 1Volkswagen 1.2
7.Flag Ken WylieSpencer MotorsVolkswagen Type 1Volkswagen 1.2
8.Flag John AmptNalders GarageFord AngliaFord 1.0
8.Flag Bill NalderNalders GarageFord AngliaFord 1.0
9.Flag Jon LeightonEcurie DauphineRenault DauphineRenault 0.8
9.Flag Alan LingEcurie DauphineRenault DauphineRenault 0.8
10.Flag Ian GeogheganEcurie DauphineRenault DauphineRenault 0.8
10.Flag Des WestEcurie DauphineRenault DauphineRenault 0.8
11.Flag Leo GeogheganEcurie DauphineRenault DauphineRenault 0.8
11.Flag Bill PittEcurie DauphineRenault DauphineRenault 0.8
Flag Ray ChristieSimca ArondeSimca 1.3
Flag Graham HoinvilleAustralian Motor IndustriesTriumph HeraldStandard 0.9
Flag George HughesSimca ArondeSimca 1.3
Flag Austin MillerAustralian Motor IndustriesTriumph HeraldStandard 0.9
Flag Bill MurisonChrysler AustraliaSimca ArondeSimca 1.3
Flag Jack MurrayChrysler AustraliaSimca ArondeSimca 1.3
Flag Eddie PerkinsV.W. MotorsVolkswagen Type 1Volkswagen 1.2
Flag George ReynoldsV.W. MotorsVolkswagen Type 1Volkswagen 1.2
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