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Armstrong 500 - Class A 1964 standings

Race results for Armstrong 500 - Class A 1964

1.Flag Bill BrownScuderia VeloceVauxhall HA VivaVauxhall 1.1
1.Flag Spencer MartinScuderia VeloceVauxhall HA VivaVauxhall 1.1
2.Flag Ron ClarkeScuderia VeloceVauxhall HA VivaVauxhall 1.1
2.Flag Brian MuirScuderia VeloceVauxhall HA VivaVauxhall 1.1
3.Flag Arnold AhrenfeldClinton MotorsVauxhall HA VivaVauxhall 1.1
3.Flag John MarchioriClinton MotorsVauxhall HA VivaVauxhall 1.1
4.Flag Mike ChampionScuderia VeloceVauxhall HA VivaVauxhall 1.1
4.Flag Tony SimmonsScuderia VeloceVauxhall HA VivaVauxhall 1.1
5.Flag John GatesVauxhall HA VivaVauxhall 1.1
5.Flag Mike NedelkoVauxhall HA VivaVauxhall 1.1
6.Flag C. McLeanVauxhall HA VivaVauxhall 1.1
6.Flag George MurrayVauxhall HA VivaVauxhall 1.1
7.Flag Brian MiltonVolkswagen 1200Volkswagen 1.2
7.Flag Dave WalkerVolkswagen 1200Volkswagen 1.2
8.Flag Midge BosworthHillman ImpHillman 0.9
8.Flag Peter WilliamsonHillman ImpHillman 0.9
9.Flag Chris McSorleyHillman ImpHillman 0.9
9.Flag Phil WestHillman ImpHillman 0.9
10.Flag Lionel AyersHillman ImpHillman 0.9
10.Flag Denis GearyHillman ImpHillman 0.9
11.Flag Bernie HaehnleVolkswagen 1200Volkswagen 1.2
11.Flag Neil McKayVolkswagen 1200Volkswagen 1.2
12.Flag Barry FergusonVolkswagen 1200Volkswagen 1.2
12.Flag Bill FordVolkswagen 1200Volkswagen 1.2
13.Flag Female Lorraine HillHillman ImpHillman 0.9
13.Flag Brian ReedHillman ImpHillman 0.9
14.Flag Paul BoltonHillman ImpHillman 0.9
14.Flag John SchroderHillman ImpHillman 0.9
15.Flag George ForrestVolkswagen 1200Volkswagen 1.2
15.Flag Frank HannVolkswagen 1200Volkswagen 1.2
16.Flag Matt DaddoMorris 850BMC 0.8
16.Flag Keith RussellMorris 850BMC 0.8
Flag Lex BaileyHillman ImpHillman 0.9
Flag Phil BarnesMorris 850BMC 0.8
Flag Peter CrayMorris 850BMC 0.8
Flag Steve HarveyMorris 850BMC 0.8
Flag Eric LaneMorris 850BMC 0.8
Flag Bill OrrHillman ImpHillman 0.9
Flag Stan PomroyMorris 850BMC 0.8
Flag Bill StanleyMorris 850BMC 0.8
Flag Bryan ThomsonNSU PrinzNSU 1.0
Flag Bruce WilsonNSU PrinzNSU 1.0
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