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ARDC Midgets 2012 standings

Championship points standings for the ARDC Midgets 2012

Most race winsFlag Alex Bright
Most podium positionsFlag Alex Bright
Most podium positions without a winFlag Bruce Buckwalter, Jr.
Flag P J Gargiulo
Most fastest race lapsFlag Steve Drevicki
Flag Alex Bright

Nationality of participating drivers

97.9%U.S.A.Flag Austin Burke, Tim Buckwalter, Nick Wean, Mark Gilmore, Dave Ely, Trevor Kobylarz, Bruce Buckwalter, Jr., Steve Drevicki, Parker Evans, Andrew Hannula, P J Gargiulo, Alex Bright, Eric Heydenreich, Randy Reid, Carey Becker, Drew Heistand, Steve Craig, Joe Butera, Dave Shirk, Ryan Smith, Steve Buckwalter, Jimmy Glenn, Brett Wanner, Dusty Heistand, Brenden Bright, Brett Arndt, Brian Gilmore, Billy Pauch Jr, Shawn Jackson, Ryan Watt, Bryan Kobylarz, Shane Penny, Jerry Coons Jr., Mike Miller, Kyle Lick, Tom Fraschetta, Bret Guzik, Don Hoffman, Bill Jackson, Zach Daum, Andy Cardinale, Brandon Matus, Steven Bull, Shane Lewis, Ryan Greth, Bill Courtwright46
2.1%AustraliaFlag Brad Cox1

Individual driver statistics for the 2012 ARDC Midgets

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Arndt, BrettFlag 28 y/o15010
Becker, CareyFlag 48 y/o5000
Bright, AlexFlag 21 y/o174801
Bright, BrendenFlag n/a16240
Buckwalter, SteveFlag 34 y/o10250
Buckwalter, TimFlag n/a17350
Buckwalter, Jr., BruceFlag 27 y/o16030
Bull, StevenFlag n/a4000
Burke, AustinFlag 15 y/o1000
Butera, JoeFlag n/a10000
Cardinale, AndyFlag n/a2000
Coons Jr., JerryFlag 40 y/o10000
Courtwright, BillFlag n/a2000
Cox, BradFlag n/a2000
Craig, SteveFlag n/a10000
Daum, ZachFlag 21 y/o1000
Drevicki, SteveFlag n/a171201
Ely, DaveFlag 34 y/o40000
Evans, ParkerFlag n/a15010
Fraschetta, TomFlag n/a10000
Gargiulo, P JFlag 33 y/o16030
Gilmore, BrianFlag n/a14010
Gilmore, MarkFlag n/a16010
Glenn, JimmyFlag n/a14000
Greth, RyanFlag n/a9020
Guzik, BretFlag n/a20000
Hannula, AndrewFlag 22 y/o2000
Heistand, DrewFlag n/a11020
Heistand, DustyFlag n/a15000
Heydenreich, EricFlag 31 y/o9110
Hoffman, DonFlag 54 y/o10000
Jackson, BillFlag n/a1000
Jackson, ShawnFlag n/a8000
Kobylarz, BryanFlag n/a2000
Kobylarz, TrevorFlag 19 y/o17240
Lewis, ShaneFlag 44 y/o2000
Lick, KyleFlag n/a10000
Matus, BrandonFlag 17 y/o1000
Miller, MikeFlag n/a10000
Pauch Jr, BillyFlag 25 y/o2000
Penny, ShaneFlag n/a2000
Reid, RandyFlag n/a7000
Shirk, DaveFlag 53 y/o10000
Smith, RyanFlag 24 y/o3020
Wanner, BrettFlag n/a14110
Watt, RyanFlag 32 y/o3010
Wean, NickFlag 30 y/o17150
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