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ARDC Midgets 2007 standings

Championship points standings for the ARDC Midgets 2007

Most race winsFlag Dave Ely
Most podium positionsFlag Shawn Jackson
Most podium positions without a winFlag Ryan Smith

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Andy Martin, Steve Lenig, Shawn Jackson, Eric Heydenreich, Donnie Trent, Drew Heistand, Doug Rose, Carey Becker, Brett Arndt, Frank Polimeda, P J Gargiulo, Bobby Goerner, Chris Zrinski, Scott Zipp, Greg Robinson, Ray Bull, Stephanie Stevens, Dave Shirk, Phil Meisner Jr, Dave Ely, Ryan Smith, Randy Monroe Jr, Edward C Stimely Jr, Nick Wean, Mark Lawshe Sr, A J Ernesto, Bruce Buckwalter, Jr., Mike Lapp, Jeff Schell, Lew Blair, Zach Martini, Jim Jackson, Billy Pauch Jr, P J Pavlick, Jerry Coons Jr., Steve Buckwalter, Paul Kline, Michele Miller, Ryan Watt, Dave Darland, Steve Craig, Bryan Kobylarz, Brett Conkling, Possum Spangler, Frank Cozze, Shane Penny, Chris Rupp, Tom Hessert III48

Individual driver statistics for the 2007 ARDC Midgets

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Arndt, BrettFlag 23 y/o17120
Becker, CareyFlag 43 y/o13000
Blair, LewFlag n/a7000
Buckwalter, SteveFlag 29 y/o4010
Buckwalter, Jr., BruceFlag 22 y/o19020
Bull, RayFlag n/a8110
Conkling, BrettFlag 18 y/o9000
Coons Jr., JerryFlag 35 y/o2110
Cozze, FrankFlag 51 y/o1000
Craig, SteveFlag n/a4000
Darland, DaveFlag 40 y/o1000
Ely, DaveFlag 29 y/o10460
Ernesto, A JFlag n/a13010
Gargiulo, P JFlag 28 y/o18020
Goerner, BobbyFlag n/a15000
Heistand, DrewFlag n/a13230
Hessert III, TomFlag 21 y/o2000
Heydenreich, EricFlag 26 y/o19260
Jackson, JimFlag n/a6000
Jackson, ShawnFlag n/a20180
Kline, PaulFlag n/a1000
Kobylarz, BryanFlag n/a3000
Lapp, MikeFlag n/a4000
Lawshe Sr, MarkFlag n/a11000
Lenig, SteveFlag 46 y/o20020
Martin, AndyFlag n/a19360
Martini, ZachFlag n/a12110
Meisner Jr, PhilFlag n/a13000
Miller, MicheleFlag n/a1000
Monroe Jr, RandyFlag n/a18220
Pauch Jr, BillyFlag 20 y/o5020
Pavlick, P JFlag n/a6000
Penny, ShaneFlag n/a3000
Polimeda, FrankFlag 29 y/o18250
Robinson, GregFlag n/a15000
Rose, DougFlag n/a3000
Rupp, ChrisFlag n/a1000
Schell, JeffFlag n/a5000
Shirk, DaveFlag 48 y/o15020
Smith, RyanFlag 19 y/o20040
Spangler, PossumFlag n/a1000
Stevens, StephanieFlag 23 y/o18000
Stimely Jr, Edward CFlag n/a13010
Trent, DonnieFlag n/a2000
Watt, RyanFlag 27 y/o9010
Wean, NickFlag 25 y/o19010
Zipp, ScottFlag 43 y/o14000
Zrinski, ChrisFlag 33 y/o16000
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