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Carquest ARDC Midget Series 2001 standings

Championship points standings for the Carquest ARDC Midget Series 2001

Most race winsFlag Ray Bull
Most podium positionsFlag Ray Bull
Most podium positions without a winFlag Bryan Kobylarz

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Ray Bull, Mark Freeland, Duane Mausteller, Michael Roselli Jr, Randy Mausteller, Walt Stearly, Fred Schell, Shawn Burke, Gary Halteman, Bryan Kobylarz, Jimmy Stitzel, Kathy Kurtz, Steve Craig, Jim Knickerbocker, Lew Blair, Craig Rochelle, Edward C Stimely Jr, Jim Jackson, Scott Zipp, Frank Fiore Jr, David Suchy, Peter Pavlick, Brian Suchy, Buddy Baker, Ted Schmid, Chris Morway, Tim Dietz, Marc Dailey, Donnie Trent, Mark Lawshe Sr, Mike Krause, Jerry Kobza, Jack Curtis, Cornell Neiderer, Russ Stoehr, Phil DiMario, Drew Fornoro, Bobby Seymour, A J Davis, Randy Cabral, Howard Bumpus, Barry Kittridge, Pete Pernisiglio, Jim Miller, Kevin Weeks, Monnie Wonder, III, Doug Cleveland, Chuck Welling, Ed Breault, Larry Cheetham, Gary Sherman, Robert Boetticher, Mark Buonomo, Andy Shaltz, Kyle Carpenter, Babe Shaw, Rudy Boetticher, Jr., Matt O'Brien, Dave Rosenfield, P J Pavlick, Shannon Mausteller, Mark Wakefoose, Rich Durso, Bill Guertin Jr, Ron Bunn, Hank Rogers Jr66

Individual driver statistics for the 2001 Carquest ARDC Midget Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Baker, BuddyFlag n/a4000
Blair, LewFlag n/a9010
Boetticher, RobertFlag n/a1000
Boetticher, Jr., RudyFlag n/a1000
Breault, EdFlag n/a1000
Bull, RayFlag n/a1410110
Bumpus, HowardFlag 87 y/o1000
Bunn, RonFlag n/a2000
Buonomo, MarkFlag n/a1000
Burke, ShawnFlag n/a7000
Cabral, RandyFlag n/a1000
Carpenter, KyleFlag 17 y/o1000
Cheetham, LarryFlag n/a1000
Cleveland, DougFlag n/a1000
Craig, SteveFlag n/a5010
Curtis, JackFlag n/a10000
Dailey, MarcFlag n/a7000
Davis, A JFlag n/a1000
Dietz, TimFlag n/a6330
DiMario, PhilFlag n/a1010
Durso, RichFlag n/a1000
Fiore Jr, FrankFlag n/a3000
Fornoro, DrewFlag n/a1010
Freeland, MarkFlag n/a6130
Guertin Jr, BillFlag n/a2000
Halteman, GaryFlag 36 y/o8000
Jackson, JimFlag n/a7010
Kittridge, BarryFlag n/a1000
Knickerbocker, JimFlag n/a5000
Kobylarz, BryanFlag n/a10030
Kobza, JerryFlag 32 y/o20000
Krause, MikeFlag n/a1000
Kurtz, KathyFlag n/a9000
Lawshe Sr, MarkFlag n/a2000
Mausteller, DuaneFlag 28 y/o6020
Mausteller, RandyFlag 52 y/o8020
Mausteller, ShannonFlag n/a00000
Miller, JimFlag n/a1000
Morway, ChrisFlag n/a8000
Neiderer, CornellFlag n/a00000
O'Brien, MattFlag n/a1000
Pavlick, P JFlag n/a00000
Pavlick, PeterFlag n/a4000
Pernisiglio, PeteFlag n/a1000
Rochelle, CraigFlag n/a3000
Rogers Jr, HankFlag n/a1000
Roselli Jr, MichaelFlag 21 y/o3010
Rosenfield, DaveFlag 48 y/o10000
Schell, FredFlag n/a8000
Schmid, TedFlag n/a2000
Seymour, BobbyFlag n/a1000
Shaltz, AndyFlag n/a1000
Shaw, BabeFlag n/a1000
Sherman, GaryFlag 24 y/o1000
Stearly, WaltFlag n/a9020
Stimely Jr, Edward CFlag n/a7010
Stitzel, JimmyFlag n/a5010
Stoehr, RussFlag n/a1110
Suchy, BrianFlag n/a6000
Suchy, DavidFlag 49 y/o2000
Trent, DonnieFlag n/a2000
Wakefoose, MarkFlag n/a1000
Weeks, KevinFlag n/a1000
Welling, ChuckFlag n/a1000
Wonder, III, MonnieFlag n/a1000
Zipp, ScottFlag 37 y/o7000
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