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ARDC Midgets 1948 standings

Championship points standings for the ARDC Midgets 1948

Most race winsFlag Phil Walters
Most podium positionsFlag Phil Walters
Most podium positions without a winFlag Russ Klar

Nationality of participating drivers

98.6%U.S.A.Flag Nick Fornoro, Phil Walters, Bill Schindler, George Rice, Johnny Rice, Al Keller, Russ Klar, Tony Bonadies, Len Duncan, Lloyd Christopher, Ernie McCoy, Bob Disbrow, Mike Nazaruk, Rex Records, Ray Nestor, Chet Conklin, Bill Dils, Ed Schaefer, Chet Gibbons, Shorty McAndrews, Charlie Miller, Bernie Kelly, Henry Renard, Dee Toran, Bill Baker, Buddy Chase, Steve McGrath, Bud Tatro, Johnny Bernardi, Johnny Thomson, Johnny Zeke, Stan Disbrow, Larry Shurter, Art Cross, Monk Tadlock, Andy Furci, Joseph J Barzda, Bob Minor, Johnny Kay, George Flemke, Dick Eagan, Bill Strout, Mike Josephs, Walt Fair, Al Dowd, Harry Sheeler, Amerling, George Marshman, Johnny Carpenter, George Fonder, Red Marlowe, Johnny Peterson, Vernon Land, Walt Fusco, Gene Cady, Buster Williams, Don Morris, Lou Volk, Ralph Lund, Andy van Heusen, Harold Bickelhaupt, Charlie Ethier, Herb Heldt, Johnny Ritter, Tony Martino, Jim DiMarco, Len Fanelli, B Klar, Fred Moore, John Ford, Bob Breading, Larry Bloomer, Frankie Simonetti73
1.4%CanadaFlag Bert Brooks1

Individual driver statistics for the 1948 ARDC Midgets

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Amerling, Flag n/a1010
Baker, BillFlag n/a6260
Barzda, Joseph JFlag 33 y/o5150
Bernardi, JohnnyFlag 36 y/o10000
Bickelhaupt, HaroldFlag n/a102100
Bloomer, LarryFlag n/a112110
Bonadies, TonyFlag 31 y/o3112300
Breading, BobFlag n/a10000
Brooks, BertFlag 28 y/o3010
Cady, GeneFlag n/a2010
Carpenter, JohnnyFlag n/a7160
Chase, BuddyFlag n/a153150
Christopher, LloydFlag n/a8380
Conklin, ChetFlag n/a173140
Cross, ArtFlag 30 y/o115110
Dils, BillFlag n/a4130
DiMarco, JimFlag n/a3030
Disbrow, BobFlag n/a235220
Disbrow, StanFlag n/a215190
Dowd, AlFlag n/a1010
Duncan, LenFlag 36 y/o123110
Eagan, DickFlag 29 y/o10000
Ethier, CharlieFlag n/a1010
Fair, WaltFlag n/a1010
Fanelli, LenFlag n/a4130
Flemke, GeorgeFlag n/a134110
Fonder, GeorgeFlag 31 y/o5250
Ford, JohnFlag n/a1010
Fornoro, NickFlag 27 y/o5130
Furci, AndyFlag 31 y/o4040
Fusco, WaltFlag n/a9180
Gibbons, ChetFlag n/a3130
Heldt, HerbFlag n/a1010
Josephs, MikeFlag n/a5250
Kay, JohnnyFlag 25 y/o4010
Keller, AlFlag 28 y/o105100
Kelly, BernieFlag n/a3030
Klar, BFlag n/a1010
Klar, RussFlag 34 y/o5050
Land, VernonFlag n/a6160
Lund, RalphFlag n/a10000
Marlowe, RedFlag n/a6160
Marshman, GeorgeFlag n/a1010
Martino, TonyFlag n/a1110
McAndrews, ShortyFlag n/a2220
McCoy, ErnieFlag 27 y/o1010
McGrath, SteveFlag n/a3816360
Miller, CharlieFlag n/a9590
Minor, BobFlag n/a3130
Moore, FredFlag n/a2020
Morris, DonFlag n/a1110
Nazaruk, MikeFlag 26 y/o2511240
Nestor, RayFlag n/a8580
Peterson, JohnnyFlag n/a3130
Records, RexFlag n/a192170
Renard, HenryFlag n/a328320
Rice, GeorgeFlag 34 y/o3310290
Rice, JohnnyFlag n/a226190
Ritter, JohnnyFlag 36 y/o5140
Schaefer, EdFlag 33 y/o219210
Schindler, BillFlag 39 y/o3518330
Sheeler, HarryFlag n/a10000
Shurter, LarryFlag 30 y/o3130
Simonetti, FrankieFlag n/a1110
Strout, BillFlag n/a10000
Tadlock, MonkFlag n/a10000
Tatro, BudFlag n/a1010
Thomson, JohnnyFlag 26 y/o10000
Toran, DeeFlag n/a7270
van Heusen, AndyFlag n/a1010
Volk, LouFlag 37 y/o1010
Walters, PhilFlag 32 y/o4729460
Williams, BusterFlag n/a1010
Zeke, JohnnyFlag 27 y/o157150
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