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ARDC Midgets 1946 standings

Championship points standings for the ARDC Midgets 1946

Most race winsFlag Bill Schindler
Flag Ed Schaefer
Most podium positionsFlag Ed Schaefer
Most podium positions without a winFlag Lloyd Christopher
Flag Johnny Ritter

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Bill Schindler, Chet Gibbons, Len Fanelli, Johnny Ringger, Bill Holmes, Bill Baker, Dee Toran, Chet Conklin, Len Wofsey, Johnny Rice, Hal Delzio, Art Cross, Lloyd Christopher, Gene Colkitt, Ed Schaefer, Phil Walters, George Rice, Johnny Ritter, Tony Bonadies, George Fonder, Charlie Breslin, Rex Records, Shorty McAndrews, Don Morris, Len Duncan, Lou Volk, Ray Nestor, Larry Bloomer, Mike Josephs, Al Lockwood, Walt Fair, Charlie Miller, Hawley Kight, George Marshman, Joe Sostilio, Bob Disbrow, Al Keller, Harry Fanelli, Len Golen, Henry Renard, Bill Boyd, Johnny Favenger42

Individual driver statistics for the 1946 ARDC Midgets

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Baker, BillFlag n/a3030
Bloomer, LarryFlag n/a112110
Bonadies, TonyFlag 29 y/o8280
Boyd, BillFlag 30 y/o1010
Breslin, CharlieFlag n/a2120
Christopher, LloydFlag n/a4040
Colkitt, GeneFlag n/a7270
Conklin, ChetFlag n/a7260
Cross, ArtFlag 28 y/o5150
Delzio, HalFlag n/a10000
Disbrow, BobFlag n/a1010
Duncan, LenFlag 34 y/o8380
Fair, WaltFlag n/a1010
Fanelli, HarryFlag n/a1010
Fanelli, LenFlag n/a4140
Favenger, JohnnyFlag n/a1010
Fonder, GeorgeFlag 29 y/o189180
Gibbons, ChetFlag n/a3130
Golen, LenFlag n/a1010
Holmes, BillFlag n/a9490
Josephs, MikeFlag n/a9390
Keller, AlFlag 26 y/o2120
Kight, HawleyFlag n/a1110
Lockwood, AlFlag n/a1010
Marshman, GeorgeFlag n/a3030
McAndrews, ShortyFlag n/a5250
Miller, CharlieFlag n/a3030
Morris, DonFlag n/a3030
Nestor, RayFlag n/a123120
Records, RexFlag n/a6160
Renard, HenryFlag n/a1110
Rice, GeorgeFlag 32 y/o145140
Rice, JohnnyFlag n/a1010
Ringger, JohnnyFlag 31 y/o1010
Ritter, JohnnyFlag 34 y/o4040
Schaefer, EdFlag 31 y/o2411240
Schindler, BillFlag 37 y/o1511140
Sostilio, JoeFlag 31 y/o1010
Toran, DeeFlag n/a3130
Volk, LouFlag 35 y/o3030
Walters, PhilFlag 30 y/o125120
Wofsey, LenFlag n/a10000
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