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All Star Super Sprints Series 1975 standings

Championship points standings for the All Star Super Sprints Series 1975

Most race winsFlag Kramer Williamson
Most podium positionsFlag Kramer Williamson
Flag Fred Linder
Flag Bobby Allen
Most podium positions without a winFlag Fred Linder
Flag Bobby Allen

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Lynn Paxton, Kramer Williamson, Fred Linder, Lou Blaney, Harold McGilton, John Naida, Jim Darley, Darl Harrison, Paul Pitzer, Gug Keegan, Duke DePonzi, Bobby Allen, John Auxter, Brad Miller, Rick Ferkel, Doc Dawson, Johnny Beaber, Ralph Quarterson, Larry Dickson, Dick Liskai, Jack Hewitt, Don Hewitt, Ed Lynch Sr, Jim Linder, Charlie Swartz, Rick Unger, Gary Albrittain, Dean Alexander, Roger Wiles, Randy Ford, Kenny Jacobs, Sammy Swindell, Tim Richmond, Ed Haudenschild, Butch Wilkerson, Harry Kresser, George Harbour, Mike Johnson, Steve Shultz39

Individual driver statistics for the 1975 All Star Super Sprints Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Albrittain, GaryFlag n/a
Alexander, DeanFlag n/a
Allen, BobbyFlag 31 y/o4040
Auxter, JohnFlag n/a
Beaber, JohnnyFlag 22 y/o
Blaney, LouFlag 35 y/o000
Darley, JimFlag n/a
Dawson, DocFlag n/a
DePonzi, DukeFlag n/a
Dickson, LarryFlag 36 y/o000
Ferkel, RickFlag 36 y/o1110
Ford, RandyFlag n/a
Harbour, GeorgeFlag n/a2000
Harrison, DarlFlag 38 y/o
Haudenschild, EdFlag n/a
Hewitt, DonFlag n/a
Hewitt, JackFlag 23 y/o000
Jacobs, KennyFlag 20 y/o0
Johnson, MikeFlag 20 y/o1010
Keegan, GugFlag n/a
Kresser, HarryFlag n/a1000
Linder, FredFlag n/a7040
Linder, JimFlag n/a010
Liskai, DickFlag n/a
Lynch Sr, EdFlag 40 y/o
McGilton, HaroldFlag n/a7010
Miller, BradFlag n/a
Naida, JohnFlag 27 y/o0
Paxton, LynnFlag 31 y/o2120
Pitzer, PaulFlag 31 y/o2120
Quarterson, RalphFlag 35 y/o1000
Richmond, TimFlag 20 y/o
Shultz, SteveFlag n/a1010
Swartz, CharlieFlag n/a
Swindell, SammyFlag 19 y/o000
Unger, RickFlag n/a
Wiles, RogerFlag n/a
Wilkerson, ButchFlag n/a100
Williamson, KramerFlag 25 y/o7440
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