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All Star Circuit of Champions - Sprintcars 1995 standings

Championship points standings for the All Star Circuit of Champions - Sprintcars 1995

Most race winsFlag Joey Saldana
Most podium positionsFlag Joey Saldana
Most podium positions without a winFlag Terry McCarl
Flag Jerry Richert Jr

Nationality of participating drivers

96.2%U.S.A.Flag Dale Blaney, Frankie Kerr, Kenny Jacobs, Danny Smith, Joey Saldana, Randy Hammer, Daniel Coggeshell, Mike Lutz, Todd Kane, Mark Christman, Tim Shaffer, Johnny Herrera, Terry McCarl, Jerry Richert Jr, Dennis Moore Jr, Don Droud Jr, Keith Kauffman, Jeff Tuttle, Randy Smith, Brent Antill, Scott Whitworth, Tod Bishop, Tony Moro, Mike Reinke, Marlon Jones, John Kearney, Chris Walraven, Craig Dollansky, Danny Young, George Austin III, Tim Monson, Randy Martin, Manny Rockhold, Ryan Jamison, Byron Reed, Chad Radel, Leonard Lee, Randy Wolfe, Dan Oswalt, Shawn Moore, Tim Norman, Donny Crawford, Troy Parsons, Bob Weuve, Rod Holliday, John Hall, Mark Smyser, Wayne Redmond, Doran Doty, Mackie Heimbaugh, Terry LoSasso, Todd Taeger, Steve Beitler, Kelly Kinser, Charlie Fisher, Todd Kelley, Randy Kinser, Bobby Teeple, John Wisbon, John Buchy, Gary Wright, Billy Pauch, Lance Dewease, Dave Blaney, Jac Haudenschild, Danny Lasoski, Mike Woodring, Kevin Huntley, Jeff Shepard, Fred Rahmer, Mark Keegan, Mark Kinser, Todd Shaffer, Steve Kent, Bob Felmlee75
3.8%AustraliaFlag Skip Jackson, Jaymie Moyle, Brooke Tatnell3

Individual driver statistics for the 1995 All Star Circuit of Champions - Sprintcars

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Antill, BrentFlag 26 y/o1000
Austin III, GeorgeFlag n/a10000
Beitler, SteveFlag 36 y/o1000
Bishop, TodFlag n/a1000
Blaney, DaleFlag 31 y/o1312120
Blaney, DaveFlag 32 y/o1110
Buchy, JohnFlag n/a000
Christman, MarkFlag n/a000
Coggeshell, DanielFlag n/a10000
Crawford, DonnyFlag n/a10000
Dewease, LanceFlag 30 y/o3330
Dollansky, CraigFlag 29 y/o1000
Doty, DoranFlag n/a10000
Droud Jr, DonFlag 33 y/o1000
Felmlee, BobFlag 33 y/o1110
Fisher, CharlieFlag n/a000
Hall, JohnFlag n/a10000
Hammer, RandyFlag n/a10000
Haudenschild, JacFlag 37 y/o3330
Heimbaugh, MackieFlag 42 y/o10000
Herrera, JohnnyFlag 28 y/o2220
Holliday, RodFlag n/a10000
Huntley, KevinFlag 30 y/o2220
Jackson, SkipFlag 27 y/o1000
Jacobs, KennyFlag 40 y/o1211110
Jamison, RyanFlag 27 y/o10000
Jones, MarlonFlag 35 y/o1000
Kane, ToddFlag 30 y/o2110
Kauffman, KeithFlag 45 y/o3220
Kearney, JohnFlag n/a1000
Keegan, MarkFlag n/a1110
Kelley, ToddFlag n/a000
Kent, SteveFlag 35 y/o2220
Kerr, FrankieFlag 34 y/o4330
Kinser, KellyFlag 33 y/o3330
Kinser, MarkFlag 31 y/o5550
Kinser, RandyFlag 39 y/o1110
Lasoski, DannyFlag 36 y/o2220
Lee, LeonardFlag n/a10000
LoSasso, TerryFlag n/a10000
Lutz, MikeFlag 25 y/o10000
Martin, RandyFlag 34 y/o10000
McCarl, TerryFlag 30 y/o1010
Monson, TimFlag n/a10000
Moore, ShawnFlag n/a10000
Moore Jr, DennisFlag n/a1000
Moro, TonyFlag n/a1000
Moyle, JaymieFlag n/a1000
Norman, TimFlag n/a10000
Oswalt, DanFlag n/a10000
Parsons, TroyFlag n/a10000
Pauch, BillyFlag 38 y/o1110
Radel, ChadFlag n/a10000
Rahmer, FredFlag 37 y/o2220
Redmond, WayneFlag 36 y/o10000
Reed, ByronFlag 22 y/o10000
Reinke, MikeFlag n/a1000
Richert Jr, JerryFlag n/a1010
Rockhold, MannyFlag 35 y/o10000
Saldana, JoeyFlag 23 y/o1918180
Shaffer, TimFlag 28 y/o000
Shaffer, ToddFlag 33 y/o1110
Shepard, JeffFlag 24 y/o2220
Smith, DannyFlag 38 y/o10000
Smith, RandyFlag 40 y/o1000
Smyser, MarkFlag n/a10000
Taeger, ToddFlag n/a10000
Tatnell, BrookeFlag 23 y/o000
Teeple, BobbyFlag n/a000
Tuttle, JeffFlag n/a1000
Walraven, ChrisFlag n/a1000
Weuve, BobFlag n/a10000
Whitworth, ScottFlag n/a1000
Wisbon, JohnFlag 39 y/o000
Wolfe, RandyFlag 38 y/o10000
Woodring, MikeFlag n/a5000
Wright, GaryFlag 36 y/o2220
Young, DannyFlag 24 y/o10000
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