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All-American Speedway Late Models 2009 standings

Championship points standings for the All-American Speedway Late Models 2009


Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Jason Romero, Gary Glenn, John Moore, Juan Pitta, Matt Scott, Jonathan Mawhinney, Ron Chunn, Shannon Mansch, Bobby Hodges, Jacob Gomes, Zane Lovelace Jr., David Hulsey, Roger Davison, Michael Self, Chris Scribner, Brian Koski, Vito Ranuio, Tyler Thomas, Julia Landauer, Justin Henry, Greg Hock, Bobby Butler, Byron Gonzales, Eric Schmidt, Ken Benhamou, Quintin Crye, Dana Pruhs, Charlie Kramm, Tim Smith, Tony D'Allessandro, Jarred Beddow, Ryan Thomasen, Colin Bailey, Jason Fensler, Jessica Brunelli, David Braund, Tim Bost, Cody Hodgson, Jonathon Gomez, Zach Rearden, Carlos Vieira, Mikey Lehman, Tim Spurgeon, Don Wood, Doff Cooksey, Jr, Eric Nascimento, Jr, Harold Rieker Jr., Moses Smith, Viktor Sinzig, Tim Barile, Rodney Funston, Morris Bailey, Taylor Cuzick53

Individual driver statistics for the 2009 All-American Speedway Late Models

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Bailey, ColinFlag n/a
Bailey, MorrisFlag n/a
Barile, TimFlag n/a
Beddow, JarredFlag n/a
Benhamou, KenFlag n/a
Bost, TimFlag n/a
Braund, DavidFlag n/a
Brunelli, JessicaFlag 16 y/o
Butler, BobbyFlag n/a
Chunn, RonFlag n/a
Cooksey, Jr, DoffFlag n/a40
Crye, QuintinFlag n/a
Cuzick, TaylorFlag 18 y/o
D'Allessandro, TonyFlag n/a
Davison, RogerFlag n/a
Fensler, JasonFlag 33 y/o
Funston, RodneyFlag n/a
Glenn, GaryFlag n/a
Gomes, JacobFlag 16 y/o
Gomez, JonathonFlag 26 y/o
Gonzales, ByronFlag n/a
Henry, JustinFlag n/a
Hock, GregFlag n/a
Hodges, BobbyFlag n/a
Hodgson, CodyFlag 17 y/o
Hulsey, DavidFlag n/a
Koski, BrianFlag 51 y/o
Kramm, CharlieFlag n/a
Landauer, JuliaFlag 17 y/o
Lehman, MikeyFlag n/a
Lovelace Jr., ZaneFlag n/a
Mansch, ShannonFlag n/a
Mawhinney, JonathanFlag n/a
Moore, JohnFlag n/a
Nascimento, Jr, EricFlag n/a
Pitta, JuanFlag n/a
Pruhs, DanaFlag n/a
Ranuio, VitoFlag n/a180
Rearden, ZachFlag n/a
Rieker Jr., HaroldFlag n/a
Romero, JasonFlag n/a
Schmidt, EricFlag n/a
Scott, MattFlag n/a
Scribner, ChrisFlag n/a
Self, MichaelFlag 18 y/o130
Sinzig, ViktorFlag n/a
Smith, MosesFlag 33 y/o
Smith, TimFlag 24 y/o
Spurgeon, TimFlag 48 y/o50
Thomas, TylerFlag 13 y/o
Thomasen, RyanFlag n/a
Vieira, CarlosFlag 37 y/o
Wood, DonFlag n/a
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