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AAA Midget 1951 standings

Championship points standings for the AAA Midget 1951

Most race winsFlag George Fonder
Flag Jimmy Davies
Flag Frank Armi
Flag Clarence LaRue
Flag Chuck Stevenson
Flag Jack McGrath
Most podium positionsFlag Jimmy Davies
Most podium positions without a winFlag Al Herman
Flag Bill Vukovich
Flag Neal Carter
Flag Cecil Green
Flag Leroy Warriner
Flag George Tichenor
Flag Gene Hartley

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag George Fonder, Al Herman, Bill Vukovich, Neal Carter, Jimmy Davies, Cecil Green, Harry Turner, Sam Hanks, Chuck Weyant, Cal Niday, Andy Linden, Bobby Ball, Ralph Pratt, Johnny Fedricks, Gordon Reid, Frank Armi, Jimmy Knight, Art Hartsfield, Art Cross, Buzz Barton, Elmer Noeth, Pierce Grimm, Clarence LaRue, Chuck Stevenson, Leroy Warriner, George Tichenor, Vic Carter, Bob Barker, Walt Faulkner, Gene Hartley, Gene Force, Johnnie Tolan, Rex Easton, Jack McGrath, Aaron Woodard, Johnny McDowell, Danny Kladis, Joe Garson, Norm Nelson, Ray Crawford, Paul Russo, Cliff Griffith, Tony Bettenhausen, Eddie Russo, Wally Hostetler, Frank Burany, Jim Rathmann, Rodger Ward48

Individual driver statistics for the 1951 AAA Midget

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Armi, FrankFlag 32 y/o3110
Ball, BobbyFlag 25 y/o10000
Barker, BobFlag n/a10000
Barton, BuzzFlag 34 y/o20000
Bettenhausen, TonyFlag 34 y/o10000
Burany, FrankFlag 35 y/o10000
Carter, NealFlag 27 y/o3010
Carter, VicFlag n/a10000
Crawford, RayFlag 35 y/o10000
Cross, ArtFlag 33 y/o10000
Davies, JimmyFlag 21 y/o2120
Easton, RexFlag 37 y/o20000
Faulkner, WaltFlag 33 y/o20000
Fedricks, JohnnyFlag 26 y/o20000
Fonder, GeorgeFlag 34 y/o1110
Force, GeneFlag 35 y/o10000
Garson, JoeFlag 43 y/o10000
Green, CecilFlag 31 y/o1010
Griffith, CliffFlag 35 y/o10000
Grimm, PierceFlag 37 y/o20000
Hanks, SamFlag 36 y/o20000
Hartley, GeneFlag 25 y/o2010
Hartsfield, ArtFlag 42 y/o10000
Herman, AlFlag 24 y/o1010
Hostetler, WallyFlag n/a10000
Kladis, DannyFlag 34 y/o10000
Knight, JimmyFlag n/a10000
LaRue, ClarenceFlag n/a1110
Linden, AndyFlag 29 y/o10000
McDowell, JohnnyFlag 36 y/o10000
McGrath, JackFlag 31 y/o2110
Nelson, NormFlag 28 y/o10000
Niday, CalFlag 37 y/o20000
Noeth, ElmerFlag n/a20000
Pratt, RalphFlag 41 y/o10000
Rathmann, JimFlag 22 y/o10000
Reid, GordonFlag 27 y/o20000
Russo, EddieFlag 25 y/o10000
Russo, PaulFlag 37 y/o10000
Stevenson, ChuckFlag 31 y/o2110
Tichenor, GeorgeFlag n/a1010
Tolan, JohnnieFlag 33 y/o20000
Turner, HarryFlag n/a30000
Vukovich, BillFlag 32 y/o2010
Ward, RodgerFlag 30 y/o10000
Warriner, LeroyFlag 32 y/o1010
Weyant, ChuckFlag 28 y/o10000
Woodard, AaronFlag n/a10000
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