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A1 Grand Prix Australia GT support race 2005 standings

Race results for A1 Grand Prix Australia GT support race 2005

1.Flag Greg CrickDodge Viper ACR
2.Flag Mark EddyPorsche 996 GT3 R
2.Flag Grant JohnstonePorsche 996 GT3 R
3.Flag Stephen BornessSupabahn SupermarketsPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
3.Flag James KoundourisSupabahn SupermarketsPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
4.Flag Ted HuglinConsolidated Chemical Co.Ferrari 360 GT
4.Flag Allan SimonsenConsolidated Chemical Co.Ferrari 360 GT
Pole position
Fastest lap
5.Flag Ash SamadiGlobe RacingPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
6.Flag Peter FitzgeraldPorsche 993 RSR
6.Flag Max TwiggPorsche 993 RSR
7.Flag John TeulanFerrari 360 Challenge
8.Flag Blake LynnLynn's RacingPorsche 996 GT3
8.Flag Malcolm LynnLynn's RacingPorsche 996 GT3
9.Flag Anthony SkinnerPorsche 996 GT3
10.Flag David WallWall RacingPorsche 996 GT3 RSR
10.Flag Des WallWall RacingPorsche 996 GT3 RSR
11.Flag Sven BurchartzCargraphic RacingPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
11.Flag David ReynoldsCargraphic RacingPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
12.Flag Marc CiniHallmarcPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
13.Flag Michael GarnerPromatPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
13.Flag Matthew TurnbullPromatPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
14.Flag Neil BrysonFerrari 360 Challenge
15.Flag Garth RainsburyJocaroFerrari 360 Challenge
16.Flag Bill MarshallNuovo ScuderiaFerrari 360 Challenge
17.Flag Kevin MillerPorsche 996 GT3
18.Flag Luke WarwickPorsche 996 GT3
18.Flag Max WarwickPorsche 996 GT3
19.Flag Ed ChiversThe Odd CouplePorsche 993 RSCS
19.Flag Chris StannardThe Odd CouplePorsche 993 RSCS
20.Flag Phil LucasUrban RacingLotus Elise (Rover)
20.Flag Mike ReedyUrban RacingLotus Elise (Rover)
21.Flag Paul BolinowskyBolin RacingPorsche 996 GT3
21.Flag Rich FowlerBolin RacingPorsche 996 GT3
22.Flag Paul TresidderPorsche 993 RSCS
23.Flag Peter HobsonLotus Elise Motorsport 200 (Rover)
Flag Berry CampbellApollo Potio'S MotorsportsPorsche 996 GT3
Flag Christian D'AgostinRSCS RacingPorsche 993 RSCS
Flag Claude GiorgiIntergrated GroupPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
Flag Matt HumphreysSong ZuPorsche 993 RSCS
Flag Matt JonesRSCS RacingPorsche 993 RSCS
Flag Simon KaneSong ZuPorsche 993 RSCS
Flag Chris la RosaNatcorp PropertiesPorsche 996 GT3
Flag Justin LevisCueLotus Exige (Toyota)
Flag Tony MoodieRSCS RacingPorsche 993 RSCS
Flag Phil PoatRSCS RacingPorsche 993 RSCS
Flag D'arcy RussellTeam Viper AustraliaDodge Viper GTS ACR
Flag David StevensWard RacingPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
Flag Greg WardWard RacingPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
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