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Australian Wingless Sprintcar Championship 2010 standings

Championship points standings for the Australian Wingless Sprintcar Championship 2010

Most race winsFlag Daryl Clayden
Most podium positionsFlag Daryl Clayden
Flag Rory Button
Flag Cory Hodgson
Most podium positions without a winFlag Rory Button
Flag Cory Hodgson
Most fastest race lapsFlag Daryl Clayden

Nationality of participating drivers

100%AustraliaFlag Daryl Clayden, Rory Button, Cory Hodgson, Jeff Judd, Lee Nash, Luke Weel, Michael Satin, Brendan Guerin, Gary Pollock, Mark Balcome, Adam Butler, Paul Robiliard, Brendan Balcome, Brent Aprile, Robbie Paton, Steven Trigg, Phil Micallef, Andy Hibbert, Daniel Flood, Gary Bell, Damien Meade, Dan Robson, Adam Sealey, David Eggins, Daniel Obst, Greg Atkin, Daniel Dubios, Andrew Caruana, Quentin Tanner, Lee Meade, Jye Sanders, Todd Wigzell, Sam Wren, Marlin Walsh, Keke Falland, Brad Warren, Anthony Vanderreyden, James Gardner, Nathan McFarlane, David Santin, Jarman Dalitz, Mason Merritt, Michaela Dumesny, Grant Attewell, Matthew Balcome, Gary McCallum, Mick Rigby, Leigh Balcome, Darryl Marshall, Michael Doig, Craig Skene, Mark Campbell, Daryl Bottoms, Ray Klemm, Heath Hunter, Cody Atkins, Steve Attewell, Freddy Walsh, Phil Johnson, David McKay60

Individual driver statistics for the 2010 Australian Wingless Sprintcar Championship

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Aprile, BrentFlag 17 y/o10000
Atkin, GregFlag n/a10000
Atkins, CodyFlag n/a10000
Attewell, GrantFlag n/a10000
Attewell, SteveFlag n/a00000
Balcome, BrendanFlag n/a10000
Balcome, LeighFlag n/a10000
Balcome, MarkFlag n/a10000
Balcome, MatthewFlag n/a10000
Bell, GaryFlag n/a10000
Bottoms, DarylFlag n/a10000
Butler, AdamFlag n/a10000
Button, RoryFlag n/a10100
Campbell, MarkFlag n/a10000
Caruana, AndrewFlag n/a10000
Clayden, DarylFlag 39 y/o11101
Dalitz, JarmanFlag n/a10000
Doig, MichaelFlag n/a10000
Dubios, DanielFlag n/a10000
Dumesny, MichaelaFlag n/a10000
Eggins, DavidFlag n/a10000
Falland, KekeFlag n/a10000
Flood, DanielFlag n/a10000
Gardner, JamesFlag n/a10000
Guerin, BrendanFlag 21 y/o10000
Hibbert, AndyFlag n/a10000
Hodgson, CoryFlag n/a10100
Hunter, HeathFlag n/a10000
Johnson, PhilFlag n/a00000
Judd, JeffFlag n/a10000
Klemm, RayFlag n/a10000
Marshall, DarrylFlag n/a10000
McCallum, GaryFlag n/a10000
McFarlane, NathanFlag n/a10000
McKay, DavidFlag n/a10000
Meade, DamienFlag n/a10000
Meade, LeeFlag n/a10000
Merritt, MasonFlag n/a10000
Micallef, PhilFlag n/a10000
Nash, LeeFlag n/a10000
Obst, DanielFlag n/a10000
Paton, RobbieFlag 38 y/o10000
Pollock, GaryFlag n/a10000
Rigby, MickFlag n/a10000
Robiliard, PaulFlag n/a10000
Robson, DanFlag 28 y/o10000
Sanders, JyeFlag n/a10000
Santin, DavidFlag n/a10000
Satin, MichaelFlag n/a10000
Sealey, AdamFlag n/a10000
Skene, CraigFlag n/a10000
Tanner, QuentinFlag 26 y/o10000
Trigg, StevenFlag n/a10000
Vanderreyden, AnthonyFlag n/a10000
Walsh, FreddyFlag n/a00000
Walsh, MarlinFlag n/a10000
Warren, BradFlag 20 y/o10000
Weel, LukeFlag n/a10000
Wigzell, ToddFlag 28 y/o10000
Wren, SamFlag n/a10000
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