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ASCS Frontier Regional Series 2013 standings

Championship points standings for the ASCS Frontier Regional Series 2013

Most race winsFlag Joe Ramaker
Most podium positionsFlag Joe Ramaker
Most podium positions without a winFlag Trever Kirkland

Nationality of participating drivers

72.6%U.S.A.Flag Phil Dietz, Jared Peterson, Trever Kirkland, Paxton Lambrecht, Jeremy McCune, Joe Perry, Bryan Brown, Chris Roberts, Vernon Hill, David Hoiness, Joe Ramaker, Damon McCune, Cliff Nelson, Mark Sweet, Mark Fowler, Steven Tiner, Randy Pierce, Steve Fowler, Bryan Gossel, Ryder Olson, Randi Miller, Tyler Gabel, Duane Gabel, Jason Johnson, Logan Forler, Jeff Swindell, Brad Loyet, Johnny Herrera, Tony Bruce Jr., Seth Bergman, Reece Goetz, Cole Wood, Dustin Morgan, Brandon Hahn, Brock Lemley, Jerry Brey, Shad Petersen, T J Hartman, Josh Ostermiller, Charles Roe, Chauncey Filler, Brent Kronfuss, Darren Smith, Allen Michelle, Roger Cummings, Tucker McCune, Eric Flatmoe, Ryan Parks, Anthony Farnsworth, Jay Burns, Nate Maxwell, Justin Wolf-Medlock, John White53
27.4%CanadaFlag Steve Reeves, Kelly Miller, Stuart Selby, Bill Boyce, Kyle Evans, Calvin Fitch, Shane Ainscough, Colton Akerstrom, Cody Masse, Wheeler Boys, Rick Tessemaker, Dennis MacEachern, Kalvin Lanktree, Skylar Gee, Kenny Cummings, David Miller, Sean MacDonell, Casey Adams, Christian Michel, Matt Dusault20

Individual driver statistics for the 2013 ASCS Frontier Regional Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Adams, CaseyFlag n/a2000
Ainscough, ShaneFlag n/a6000
Akerstrom, ColtonFlag n/a1000
Bergman, SethFlag 25 y/o2000
Boyce, BillFlag n/a8000
Boys, WheelerFlag 30 y/o6000
Brey, JerryFlag n/a5110
Brown, BryanFlag n/a12000
Bruce Jr., TonyFlag 28 y/o2110
Burns, JayFlag n/a1000
Cummings, KennyFlag n/a2000
Cummings, RogerFlag n/a4000
Dietz, PhilFlag n/a183100
Dusault, MattFlag n/a20000
Evans, KyleFlag n/a4000
Farnsworth, AnthonyFlag n/a2000
Filler, ChaunceyFlag n/a3000
Fitch, CalvinFlag n/a11000
Flatmoe, EricFlag n/a2000
Forler, LoganFlag 20 y/o2010
Fowler, MarkFlag n/a10000
Fowler, SteveFlag n/a1000
Gabel, DuaneFlag n/a1000
Gabel, TylerFlag n/a2000
Gee, SkylarFlag 14 y/o2000
Goetz, ReeceFlag n/a2000
Gossel, BryanFlag 36 y/o1000
Hahn, BrandonFlag n/a1000
Hartman, T JFlag 21 y/o1000
Herrera, JohnnyFlag 46 y/o2000
Hill, VernonFlag n/a10000
Hoiness, DavidFlag n/a18130
Johnson, JasonFlag 36 y/o2110
Kirkland, TreverFlag 33 y/o18070
Kronfuss, BrentFlag n/a4020
Lambrecht, PaxtonFlag n/a17000
Lanktree, KalvinFlag n/a2000
Lemley, BrockFlag 31 y/o2000
Loyet, BradFlag 25 y/o2010
MacDonell, SeanFlag n/a2000
MacEachern, DennisFlag n/a6000
Masse, CodyFlag n/a5000
Maxwell, NateFlag n/a20000
McCune, DamonFlag n/a15000
McCune, JeremyFlag n/a18000
McCune, TuckerFlag n/a1000
Michel, ChristianFlag n/a2000
Michelle, AllenFlag n/a2000
Miller, DavidFlag n/a2000
Miller, KellyFlag 22 y/o13130
Miller, RandiFlag 46 y/o6240
Morgan, DustinFlag 24 y/o2000
Nelson, CliffFlag n/a9000
Olson, RyderFlag n/a7000
Ostermiller, JoshFlag 28 y/o8000
Parks, RyanFlag n/a2000
Perry, JoeFlag n/a6010
Petersen, ShadFlag 27 y/o6000
Peterson, JaredFlag n/a2010
Pierce, RandyFlag 52 y/o4000
Ramaker, JoeFlag n/a178130
Reeves, SteveFlag n/a1000
Roberts, ChrisFlag n/a10000
Roe, CharlesFlag n/a5000
Selby, StuartFlag n/a3000
Smith, DarrenFlag n/a4000
Sweet, MarkFlag 66 y/o17000
Swindell, JeffFlag 52 y/o2010
Tessemaker, RickFlag n/a6000
Tiner, StevenFlag 29 y/o6040
White, JohnFlag n/a10000
Wolf-Medlock, JustinFlag n/a2000
Wood, ColeFlag n/a2000
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