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6 Hours of Bogota 2012 standings

Race results for 6 Hours of Bogota 2012

1.Flag Gaetano Ardagna PérezDaytona Prototipo
1.Flag Ryan DalzielDaytona Prototipo
1.Flag Alexander PopowDaytona Prototipo
2.Flag Juan Diego Alzate RiatigaRadical
2.Flag Juan Sebastian VillamilRadical
3.Flag Juan Camilo AcostaRadical - 1,340
3.Flag Female Tatiana CalderónRadical - 1,340
Kia Turbo

3.Flag Juan Esteban GarcíaRadical - 1,340
3.Flag Luis Carlos MartínezRadical - 1,340
4.Flag Julian MartinezRiley GT
4.Flag Sebastián MartinezRiley GT
4.Flag Mario MonroyRiley GT
5.Flag Yury CubidesRadical - 1,300
5.Flag Juan Pablo MaderoRadical - 1,300
5.Flag Dario RocaRadical - 1,300
6.Flag Enrique de FranciscoBMW M3 GT4
6.Flag Camilo SaenzBMW M3 GT4
7.Flag Juan EspinosaRadical - 1,300
7.Flag Mauricio MoncayoRadical - 1,300
8.Flag José Luis BorreroRadical
8.Flag Juan Pablo ClopatofskyRadical
Chevrolet Corsa Turbo

8.Flag Diego Luís ForeroRadical
9.Flag Carlos H. ÁlvarezSeat Leon Supercup
9.Flag Juan Carlos ÁlvarezSeat Leon Supercup
9.Flag Christian PerezSeat Leon Supercup
9.Flag Frank Silah MermetSeat Leon Supercup
10.Flag Gonzalo ClopatofskyChevrolet Aveo Turbo
10.Flag Sergio MaderoChevrolet Aveo Turbo
10.Flag Luis Jenaro RicoChevrolet Aveo Turbo
10.Flag Tomás SteuerChevrolet Aveo Turbo
Chevrolet Corsa Turbo

11.Flag Diego Fernando MejíaDacia Logan Turbo
11.Flag Santiago Mejía ChonaDacia Logan Turbo
Renault Clio

12.Flag Javier CastilloNiko Salamandra Prototipo
12.Flag Gabby ChavesNiko Salamandra Prototipo
12.Flag Juan David LopezNiko Salamandra Prototipo
13.Flag Andrés FuseMini Cooper
13.Flag Guillermo SaenzMini Cooper
14.Flag Jimmy RamírezRenault Clio
Dacia Sandero

14.Flag Óscar TunjoRenault Clio
14.Flag Santiago VásquezRenault Clio
Dacia Sandero

15.Flag Andrés F. BoteroMazda 3
15.Flag Felipe MantillaMazda 3
15.Flag Guillermo OlarteMazda 3
15.Flag Nicolás OlarteMazda 3
16.Flag Francesco GalvisChevrolet Swift
16.Flag Gustavo GarzónChevrolet Swift
17.Flag Fernando AmézquitaChevrolet Swift
17.Flag Victor BarreraChevrolet Swift
17.Flag Female Susan SalamancaChevrolet Swift
18.Flag Dick HerberVan Diemen
18.Flag Ignacio RuizVan Diemen
19.Flag Daniel AlvaradoRenault Twingo Turbo
19.Flag Juan Pablo AlvaradoRenault Twingo Turbo
20.Flag Jaime AztorquizaMazda
20.Flag Carlos García FessmanMazda
20.Flag Jose Alexander GélvezMazda
20.Flag Iván MorenoMazda
21.Flag Andrés de la RosaChevrolet Swift GTI
21.Flag Daniel LamourouxChevrolet Swift GTI
21.Flag Danny UrregoChevrolet Swift GTI
22.Flag Female Paula CalderónKia Turbo
23.Flag Juan Pablo ArenasChevrolet Swift 1.3 Turbo
23.Flag Juan Pablo PedrazaChevrolet Swift 1.3 Turbo
24.Flag Luís BarreraChevrolet Swift Turbo
24.Flag Mauricio LozanoChevrolet Swift Turbo
25.Flag Diego AlarcónDacia Sandero
25.Flag Wilson AlarcónDacia Sandero
26.Flag Julian Camilo AlbarracinRadical - 1,300
26.Flag Juan Manuel GonzálezRadical - 1,300
27.Flag Miguel OrtizMantarraya 1000
27.Flag Francisco SotoMantarraya 1000
28.Flag Sergio LamusDacia Logan Turbo
28.Flag Jorge Eduardo PeñaDacia Logan Turbo
28.Flag José Luis PeñaDacia Logan Turbo
29.Flag Patricio Larrea jr.Honda Civic 1.8
29.Flag Diego MoránHonda Civic 1.8
30.Flag Jaime Henrique BerríoTiga 2.000
30.Flag Jorge Henrique BerríoTiga 2.000
31.Flag José Camilo ForeroChevrolet Corsa Turbo
31.Flag Juan Carlos OviedoChevrolet Corsa Turbo
32.Flag Luis Miguel AmézquitaChevrolet Swift Turbo
32.Flag Alejandro TorresChevrolet Swift Turbo
32.Flag Alvaro TorresChevrolet Swift Turbo
33.Flag Joaquín CaicedoNissan Tiida
33.Flag Andrés VargasNissan Tiida
34.Flag Rafael MorenoRadical
34.Flag Federico Moreno RamírezRadical
34.Flag Diego TorresRadical
35.Flag Miguel BenitezChevrolet Swift
35.Flag Danny GianfrancescoChevrolet Swift
36.Flag Alexander CastroRadical
36.Flag Julián PinzónRadical
36.Flag Renzo SandovalRadical
37.Flag Juan Carlos CasadiegoMazda Allegro
37.Flag René GutiérrezMazda Allegro
37.Flag Carlos Alberto VelásquezMazda Allegro
38.Flag Julián LealRadical SR8
38.Flag Gustavo YacamánRadical SR8
39.Flag Justino AzcarateRadical
39.Flag Fernando BaizRadical
39.Flag Felipe MerjechRadical
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