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6 Horas de Bogota - ST2 2009 standings

Race results for 6 Horas de Bogota - ST2 2009

1.Flag Female Paula CalderónKia MotorsKia Picanto
1.Flag Nelson GutierrezTwin TechnologyChevrolet Swift
1.Flag Pavel RussiTwin TechnologyChevrolet Swift
1.Flag Alejandro TorresTwin TechnologyChevrolet Swift
2.Flag Juan Pablo ClopatofskyKia MotorsKia Picanto
2.Flag Luis Jenaro RicoKia MotorsKia Picanto
3.Flag Fernando AmézquitaChevrolet Swift
3.Flag Luis Miguel AmézquitaChevrolet Swift
4.Flag Alejandro MorenoChevrolet Swift
4.Flag Rafael MorenoChevrolet Swift
4.Flag Federico Moreno RamírezChevrolet Swift
5.Flag Juan Pablo BernalChevrolet Swift
5.Flag Felipe MerjechChevrolet Swift
5.Flag Miguel MerjechChevrolet Swift
5.Flag Iván MorenoChevrolet Swift
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