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5 Flags Speedway Super Late Models 2009 standings

Championship points standings for the 5 Flags Speedway Super Late Models 2009

Most race winsFlag Johanna Long
Flag Augie Grill
Most pole positionsFlag Augie Grill
Most podium positionsFlag Bubba Pollard
Most podium positions without a winFlag Casey Smith

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Johanna Long, Augie Grill, Bubba Pollard, Casey Smith, Eddie Mercer, Hunter Robbins, Scott Carlson, David Rogers, John Bolen, Danny Bagwell, Stephan McCurley, Jeremy Colangelo, Cecil Chunn, Josh Hamner, Dewey Niedecken, Jr., Matt Smith, Tim Martin, Ryan Sieg, Chris Davidson, Chuck Barnes, Jr., Jeff Fultz, Ryan Crane, Mitch Cobb, Donald Long, Stephen Davis, Stanley Smith, Ken McFarland, Donnie Wilson, Ryan Lawler, Chase Elliott, Brandon Harris, Chris Gabehart, Bryce Walker, Andy Loden, Rocky Boyd, Sr., Tyler Millwood, Colt James, Dennis Schoenfeld, Korey Ruble, Keith English, Chet Morrrison, Trey Mitchell, Doug Thorpe, Jr., Dwayne Buggay, Allen Karnes, Jimmy Garmon, Max Gresham47

Individual driver statistics for the 2009 5 Flags Speedway Super Late Models

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Bagwell, DannyFlag 48 y/o5000
Barnes, Jr., ChuckFlag 27 y/o2000
Bolen, JohnFlag n/a5000
Boyd, Sr., RockyFlag n/a2000
Buggay, DwayneFlag n/a1000
Carlson, ScottFlag n/a5000
Chunn, CecilFlag n/a4000
Cobb, MitchFlag 19 y/o2000
Colangelo, JeremyFlag n/a5000
Crane, RyanFlag n/a3000
Davidson, ChrisFlag 31 y/o4000
Davis, StephenFlag n/a2000
Elliott, ChaseFlag 13 y/o2000
English, KeithFlag n/a1000
Fultz, JeffFlag 40 y/o2000
Gabehart, ChrisFlag n/a1000
Garmon, JimmyFlag n/a1000
Gresham, MaxFlag 16 y/o1000
Grill, AugieFlag 32 y/o5233
Hamner, JoshFlag 22 y/o3000
Harris, BrandonFlag n/a2000
James, ColtFlag n/a1000
Karnes, AllenFlag n/a1000
Lawler, RyanFlag 22 y/o2010
Loden, AndyFlag n/a1000
Long, DonaldFlag 46 y/o3000
Long, JohannaFlag 17 y/o5231
Martin, TimFlag n/a4000
McCurley, StephanFlag 19 y/o4000
McFarland, KenFlag n/a2000
Mercer, EddieFlag n/a5000
Millwood, TylerFlag n/a1000
Mitchell, TreyFlag 19 y/o1000
Morrrison, ChetFlag n/a1000
Niedecken, Jr., DeweyFlag n/a4000
Pollard, BubbaFlag 22 y/o5140
Robbins, HunterFlag 17 y/o5010
Rogers, DavidFlag n/a5010
Ruble, KoreyFlag n/a1000
Schoenfeld, DennisFlag n/a1000
Sieg, RyanFlag 22 y/o4000
Smith, CaseyFlag 24 y/o5021
Smith, MattFlag n/a5000
Smith, StanleyFlag 59 y/o3000
Thorpe, Jr., DougFlag 45 y/o1000
Walker, BryceFlag 15 y/o1000
Wilson, DonnieFlag n/a3000
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