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2CV 24 Hour Race 2022 standings

Race results for 2CV 24 Hour Race 2022

Flag Gary Adnitt2CV Team Lion 1Citroën 2CV
Flag Luke AllanLA MotorsportMini Grande
Flag Matthew Arrowsmith-BrownTeam ECASCitroën 2CV
Flag Female Helen BlakeNot Fast But FuriousMini Grande
Flag Ainslie BousfieldTeam Gadget RacingCitroën 2CV
Flag Sylvain BoutetMini FrogMini Grande
Flag Francois BouvetLe Mans 2CV ClassicCitroën 2CV
Flag Nico BreauxOrange FrogCitroën 2CV
Flag Valentin BreauxOrange FrogCitroën 2CV
Flag Ghislain BrissetLe Mans 2CV ClassicCitroën 2CV
Flag Aubrey BrocklebankTwin SnailsCitroën 2CV
Flag James BromleyIceni RacingCitroën 2CV
Flag Andrew BullCrisis @ Tete RougeCitroën 2CV
Flag Glenn BurtenshawHollis MotorsportCitroën 2CV
Flag Tony ClaringbouldNo Sleep Til SundayMini Grande
Flag Simon ClarkeTeam Gadget RacingCitroën 2CV
Flag Cédric CoutantMini FrogMini Grande
Flag Hélene CoutantMini FrogMini Grande
Flag Nick CrispinDD RacingCitroën 2CV
Flag Paul CrosbyRally RacersCitroën 2CV
Flag James DartiailhDD RacingCitroën 2CV
Flag Lien DaviesTeam Gadget RacingCitroën 2CV
Flag Bertrand DesmaisonMini FrogMini Grande
Flag Sam DickieAPO SportMini Grande
Flag Michael DrydenTeam ToyshedMini Grande
Flag Neil DuganLA MotorsportMini Grande
Flag Roy EastwoodLion HansgroheCitroën 2CV
Flag Malcolm EdesonIceni RacingCitroën 2CV
Flag Ian GibbonCrisis @ Tete RougeCitroën 2CV
Flag Alec GrahamCrisis @ Tete RougeCitroën 2CV
Flag Neal GrahamBlueberry MuffinsCitroën 2CV
Flag Marc GrasbyRosie/Walford RacingCitroën 2CV
Flag Thomas GrindallSlarky MalarkyMini Grande
Flag Chris HallPork Pie RacingCitroën 2CV
Flag Don HallPork Pie RacingCitroën 2CV
Flag Female Jennifer HallPork Pie RacingCitroën 2CV
Flag Pip HammondBlueberry MuffinsCitroën 2CV
Flag Jonathan HarmerPork Pie RacingCitroën 2CV
Flag Morgan HarrisNo Sleep Til SundayMini Grande
Flag Martyn HathawayLA MotorsportMini Grande
Flag Female Shirley HennessyBlueberry TartsCitroën 2CV
Flag Matthew HollisHollis MotorsportCitroën 2CV
Flag Nigel HollisHollis MotorsportCitroën 2CV
Flag Richard Hollis-BrownHollis MotorsportCitroën 2CV
Flag Female Alice HughesNot Fast But FuriousMini Grande
Flag Female Bethany HughesNot Fast But FuriousMini Grande
Flag Neven KirkpatrickMisfitsMini Grande
Flag Freddie Martin-DyeRally RacersCitroën 2CV
Flag Phil Martin-DyeRally RacersCitroën 2CV
Flag Patrick MasonDD RacingCitroën 2CV
Flag James MayAPO SportMini Grande
Flag Ronald MearsLion HansgroheCitroën 2CV
Flag James NorthfieldTwin SnailsCitroën 2CV
Flag David O'Keefe2CV Team Lion 1Citroën 2CV
Flag Josh OgbornLA MotorsportMini Grande
Flag Female Lisette OgbornNot Fast But FuriousMini Grande
Flag Paul OgbornMisfitsMini Grande
Flag Alex OsborneAPO SportMini Grande
Flag Glenn OswinTeam ECASCitroën 2CV
Flag Giles OwenLion HansgroheCitroën 2CV
Flag Jessica OwenBlueberry TartsCitroën 2CV
Flag Greg PageIceni RacingCitroën 2CV
Flag Craig PendleburyNo Sleep Til SundayMini Grande
Flag Tom PerryTeam Gadget RacingCitroën 2CV
Flag Richard PlyerOrange FrogCitroën 2CV
Flag Rowland PlyerOrange FrogCitroën 2CV
Flag Lee PoolmanAPO SportMini Grande
Flag Esther QuaintmereBlueberry TartsCitroën 2CV
Flag David ReesMisfitsMini Grande
Flag Steve RideoutMisfitsMini Grande
Flag Martin RimanTwin SnailsCitroën 2CV
Flag Nick RoadsCrisis @ Tete RougeCitroën 2CV
Flag Paul RowlandTwin SnailsCitroën 2CV
Flag Peter RundleCar CarylCitroën 2CV
Flag Paul ScanesMini-UnsMini Grande
Flag Darren ShepsmanBlueberry MuffinsCitroën 2CV
Flag Andy SladeTeam ToyshedMini Grande
Flag Chris SladeTeam ToyshedMini Grande
Flag Ian SlarkSlarky MalarkyMini Grande
Flag Neil SlarkSlarky MalarkyMini Grande
Flag Pete Sparrow2CV Team Lion 1Citroën 2CV
Flag Elliot StaffordTeam ToyshedMini Grande
Flag Female Katy StoreyBlueberry TartsCitroën 2CV
Flag Mick StoreyRosie/Walford RacingCitroën 2CV
Flag Martin SunderlandTeam ECASCitroën 2CV
Flag Ryan Taylor-TruemanSlarky MalarkyMini Grande
Flag Kris ToveyCar CarylCitroën 2CV
Flag Nick TownendNo Sleep Til SundayMini Grande
Flag Adrian TuckleyMini-UnsMini Grande
Flag Simon TuckleyMini-UnsMini Grande
Flag Louis TysonCar CarylCitroën 2CV
Flag Female Julie WalfordRosie/Walford RacingCitroën 2CV
Flag Steve WalfordRosie/Walford RacingCitroën 2CV
Flag Paul WildeMini-UnsMini Grande
Flag Dan WillanRally RacersCitroën 2CV
Flag Max WyerLion HansgroheCitroën 2CV
Flag Chris YatesBlueberry MuffinsCitroën 2CV
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