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24h Nürburgring Nordschleife 2004 standings

Race results for 24h Nürburgring Nordschleife 2004

1.Flag Pedro LamyBMW MotorsportBMW M3 GTR
1.Flag Dirk MüllerBMW MotorsportBMW M3 GTR
1.Flag Jörg MüllerBMW MotorsportBMW M3 GTR
1.Flag Hans-Joachim StuckBMW MotorsportBMW M3 GTR
2.Flag Duncan HuismanBMW MotorsportBMW M3 GTR
2.Flag Boris SaidBMW MotorsportBMW M3 GTR
3.Flag Timo BernhardMantheyPorsche 911 GT3 MR
3.Flag Arno KlasenMantheyPorsche 911 GT3 MR
3.Flag Lucas LuhrMantheyPorsche 911 GT3 MR
3.Flag Olaf MantheyMantheyPorsche 911 GT3 MR
4.Flag Christian AbtAbt SportslineAudi TT-R
4.Flag Patrick HuismanAbt SportslineAudi TT-R
4.Flag Frank StipplerAudi TT-R
4.Flag Karl WendlingerAbt SportslineAudi TT-R
5.Flag Roland AschWarsteiner Carsport RacingNissan Skyline GTR
5.Flag Takayuki KinoshitaFalken MotorsportsNissan Skyline GTR
5.Flag Dirk SchoysmanFalken MotorsportsNissan Skyline GTR
5.Flag Tetsuya TanakaFalken MotorsportsNissan Skyline GTR
6.Flag Thomas JägerRecaro-Raeder-MotorsportPorsche 996 GT3
6.Flag Jonathan PriceRecaro-Raeder-MotorsportPorsche 996 GT3
6.Flag Frank SchmicklerHerberth MotorsportPorsche 996 GT3
7.Flag Artur ErkesPorsche 996 GT3
7.Flag Jörg OttoPorsche 996 GT3
7.Flag Georg WeissPorsche 996 GT3
7.Flag Thomas ZinnowPorsche 996 GT3
8.Flag Fredrik EkblomAbt SportslineAudi TT-R
8.Flag Mattias EkströmAbt SportslineAudi TT-R
9.Flag Joachim KieschBMW M3
9.Flag Matthias TischnerBMW M3
9.Flag Michael TischnerBMW M3
9.Flag Alfred WolfsgruberBMW M3
10.Flag Manuel ReuterTeam PhoenixOpel Astra V8 Coupe
10.Flag Timo ScheiderTeam PhoenixOpel Astra V8 Coupe
10.Flag Volker StrycekTeam PhoenixOpel Astra V8 Coupe
10.Flag Marcel TiemannTeam PhoenixOpel Astra V8 Coupe
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