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24h Nürburgring - A7 2002 standings

Race results for 24h Nürburgring - A7 2002

1.Flag Jürgen AlzenPorsche 996 GT3
1.Flag Timo BernhardPorsche 996 GT3
1.Flag Arno KlasenPorsche 996 GT3
1.Flag Markus OestreichPorsche 996 GT3
2.Flag Edgar AlthoffPorsche 996 GT3 MR
2.Flag Wolfgang DestréePorsche 996 GT3 MR
2.Flag Paul HulverscheidPorsche 996 GT3 MR
2.Flag Kersten JodexnisPorsche 996 GT3 MR
3.Flag Nicolas LeutwilerPorsche GT3
3.Flag Dieter SchornsteinPorsche GT3
3.Flag Georg SilbermayrPorsche GT3
4.Flag Roland AschFalken MotorsportsNissan Skyline GT-R
4.Flag Takayuki KinoshitaFalken MotorsportsNissan Skyline GT-R
4.Flag Dirk SchoysmanFalken MotorsportsNissan Skyline GT-R
4.Flag Tetsuya TanakaFalken MotorsportsNissan Skyline GT-R
5.Flag Hans Erik AnderssonPodium RacingPorsche 911 GT3 Cup 996
5.Flag Ulf KarlssonPodium RacingPorsche 911 GT3 Cup 996
5.Flag Lennart PehrssonPodium RacingPorsche 911 GT3 Cup 996
5.Flag Koit VeerteePodium RacingPorsche 911 GT3 Cup 996
6.Flag Artur ErkesPorsche 911 GT3 Cup 996
6.Flag Jörg OttoPorsche 911 GT3 Cup 996
6.Flag Jens PetersenPorsche 911 GT3 Cup 996
6.Flag Thomas ZinnowPorsche 911 GT3 Cup 996
7.Flag Rainer BitzerPorsche 996 GT3
7.Flag Thomas DillPorsche 996 GT3
7.Flag Friederike MoritzPorsche 996 GT3
7.Flag Wolf SilvesterPorsche 996 GT3
8.Flag Achim BergSteam RacingPorsche 996 GT3
8.Flag Oliver ImfeldSteam RacingPorsche 996 GT3
8.Flag Thomas MesserSteam RacingPorsche 996 GT3
8.Flag Michael SchratzSteam RacingPorsche 996 GT3
9.Flag Wolfgang DrabiniokJVG RacingPorsche 993 GT3
9.Flag Franz FabianJVG RacingPorsche 993 GT3
9.Flag Timo KluckJVG RacingPorsche 993 GT3
10.Flag Shigeo KomatsuPorsche 911 GT3 Cup
10.Flag Ariyo OzakiPorsche 911 GT3 Cup
10.Flag Yasuo SanoPorsche 911 GT3 Cup
10.Flag Atsushi YogoPorsche 911 GT3 Cup
11.Flag Udo KrusePro Sports RacingPorsche GT3 RSR
11.Flag Ulli PackeisenPro Sports RacingPorsche GT3 RSR
11.Flag Michael PrymPro Sports RacingPorsche GT3 RSR
11.Flag Uwe ReichPro Sports RacingPorsche GT3 RSR
12.Flag Harald WeilandScuderia OffenbachPorsche 996 GT3
12.Flag Matthias WeilandScuderia OffenbachPorsche 996 GT3
12.Flag Ralf H. WeinerScuderia OffenbachPorsche 996 GT3
12.Flag Gerd WinterScuderia OffenbachPorsche 996 GT3
13.Flag T. DepoisPorsche 964
13.Flag Olivier MuytjensBankingPorsche 964 Cup
13.Flag Gérard TremblayPorsche 964
13.Flag Eric Van de VyverPorsche 964
14.Flag Christian BockScuderia ColoniaMorgan Plus 8
14.Flag Michael BockScuderia ColoniaMorgan Plus 8
14.Flag Josef HahetsScuderia ColoniaMorgan Plus 8
14.Flag Hans-Peter RichrachtScuderia ColoniaMorgan Plus 8
Flag Klaus AbbelenPorsche 996 GT3
Flag Andrew BagnallPorsche GT3
Flag Stefan BeilPorsche 996 GT3
Flag Rudolf BrandlAudi RS4
Flag Bobby Carradine
Flag Aldred DierlammSteam RacingPorsche 996 GT3
Flag Stephan DrögerSteam RacingPorsche 996 GT3
Flag Lars DöhmannAudi Allroad 2.7 Turbo
Flag Edgar DörenPorsche 996 GT3
Flag Norbert FischerPorsche 996 GT3
Flag Jan FrankPorsche GT3
Flag Udo FreyAudi Allroad 2.7 Turbo
Flag Timo FringsSteam RacingPorsche 996 GT3
Flag Jürgen GockelAudi RS4
Flag Wolfgang GrefeLand MotorsportPorsche GT3 Cup
Flag Hannes GresserAudi Allroad 2.7 Turbo
Flag Frank HerrmannAudi RS4
Flag Markus HofbauerPorsche GT3
Flag Waldermar HoffmannPorsche GT3
Flag Wolf-Dieter IhleAudi RS4
Flag Wilhelm Dieter KernManthey RacingPorsche 996 GT3
Flag Matthias KlemmAudi RS4
Flag Jörg KockAudi Allroad 2.7 Turbo
Flag Franjo Kovac
Flag Jochen KrumbachAudi RS4
Flag Lucas LuhrManthey RacingPorsche 996 GT3
Flag Michael LutherAudi RS4
Flag Karl-Christian LückPorsche 996 GT3
Flag Robert NearnManthey RacingPorsche 996 GT3
Flag Christof PruskiPorsche 996 GT3
Flag Helmut ReisLand MotorsportPorsche GT3 Cup
Flag Alexander P. SatorSteam RacingPorsche 996 GT3
Flag Peter ScharmachLand MotorsportPorsche GT3 Cup
Flag Patrick SpadaciniPorsche 996 GT3
Flag Horst StäblerLand MotorsportPorsche GT3 Cup
Flag Kurt Thiim
Flag Ernst-Paul WawerPorsche 996 GT3
Flag Manfred WollgartenAudi RS4
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