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24H Dubai - GT4 2019 standings

Race results for 24H Dubai - GT4 2019

1.Flag Franjo KovacMRS GT-RacingBMW M4 GT4Hankook
1.Flag Fredrik LestrupMRS GT-RacingBMW M4 GT4Hankook
1.Flag Tomas PekarMRS GT-RacingBMW M4 GT4Hankook
1.Flag Thomas TekaatMRS GT-RacingBMW M4 GT4Hankook
2.Flag Stephan EppSorg RennsportBMW M4 GT4Hankook
2.Flag Fidel LeibSorg RennsportBMW M4 GT4Hankook
2.Flag Olaf MeyerSorg RennsportBMW M4 GT4Hankook
2.Flag Björn SimonSorg RennsportBMW M4 GT4Hankook
2.Flag Simon TibbettSorg RennsportBMW M4 GT4Hankook
3.Flag Jimmy de BreuckerQSR RacingschoolMercedes-AMG GT4Hankook
3.Flag Rodrigue GillionQSR RacingschoolMercedes-AMG GT4Hankook
3.Flag Nico VerdonckQSR RacingschoolMercedes-AMG GT4Hankook
3.Flag Michiel VerhaerenQSR RacingschoolMercedes-AMG GT4Hankook
4.Flag Mark FarmerCentury MotorsportBMW M4 GT4Hankook
4.Flag Jack MitchellCentury MotorsportBMW M4 GT4Hankook
4.Flag Dominic PaulCentury MotorsportBMW M4 GT4Hankook
4.Flag Adrian WillmottCentury MotorsportBMW M4 GT4Hankook
5.Flag Ahmed Al Melaihi3Y TechnologyBMW M4 GT4Hankook
5.Flag Enzo Guibbert3Y TechnologyBMW M4 GT4Hankook
5.Flag Gilles Vannelet3Y TechnologyBMW M4 GT4Hankook
5.Flag Lars Viljoen3Y TechnologyBMW M4 GT4Hankook
5.Flag Nadir Zuhour3Y TechnologyBMW M4 GT4Hankook
6.Flag Ben ClucasFox MotorsportAudi R8 LMS GT4Hankook
6.Flag Andrew PerryFox MotorsportAudi R8 LMS GT4Hankook
6.Flag Glenn SherwoodFox MotorsportAudi R8 LMS GT4Hankook
6.Flag Jamie StanleyFox MotorsportAudi R8 LMS GT4Hankook
7.Flag Tom CanningCentury MotorsportBMW M4 GT4Hankook
7.Flag Nathan FrekeCentury MotorsportBMW M4 GT4Hankook
7.Flag Andrew Gordon-ColebrookeCentury MotorsportBMW M4 GT4Hankook
7.Flag JM LittmanCentury MotorsportBMW M4 GT4Hankook
8.Flag Jack ButelOptimum MotorsportGinetta G55 GT4 Evo 2015Hankook
8.Flag Brent MillageOptimum MotorsportGinetta G55 GT4 Evo 2015Hankook
8.Flag Russ OlivantOptimum MotorsportGinetta G55 GT4 Evo 2015Hankook
8.Flag Lewis ProctorOptimum MotorsportGinetta G55 GT4 Evo 2015Hankook
9.Flag Female Katarina KyvalovaERC SportMercedes-AMG GT4Hankook
9.Flag Jon MinshawERC SportMercedes-AMG GT4Hankook
9.Flag Gabriele PianaERC SportMercedes-AMG GT4Hankook
9.Flag Ryan RattcliffeERC SportMercedes-AMG GT4Hankook
10.Flag Frank BirdCiceley MotorsportMercedes-AMG GT4Hankook
10.Flag Ben PaliwodaCiceley MotorsportMercedes-AMG GT4Hankook
10.Flag Derek PierceCiceley MotorsportMercedes-AMG GT4Hankook
10.Flag Jordan WittCiceley MotorsportMercedes-AMG GT4Hankook
Pole position
Fastest lap
11.Flag Saeed Al MehairiDragon RacingMercedes-AMG GT4Hankook
11.Flag Rob BarffDragon RacingMercedes-AMG GT4Hankook
11.Flag Greg CatonDragon RacingMercedes-AMG GT4Hankook
11.Flag Phil QuaifeDragon RacingMercedes-AMG GT4Hankook
11.Flag Josh WebsterDragon RacingMercedes-AMG GT4Hankook
Flag Female Liesette BraamsHofor Racing by Bonk MotorsportBMW M4 GT4Hankook
Flag Gustav EngljähringerHofor Racing by Bonk MotorsportBMW M4 GT4Hankook
Flag Michael FischerHofor Racing by Bonk MotorsportBMW M4 GT4Hankook
Flag Daren JorgensenRHC Jorgensen/StromBMW M4 GT4Hankook
Flag Martin KrollHofor Racing by Bonk MotorsportBMW M4 GT4Hankook
Flag Gerard McLeodRHC Jorgensen/StromBMW M4 GT4Hankook
Flag Michael SchreyHofor Racing by Bonk MotorsportBMW M4 GT4Hankook
Flag Brett StromRHC Jorgensen/StromBMW M4 GT4Hankook
Flag Danny van DongenRHC Jorgensen/StromBMW M4 GT4Hankook
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