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24 Hours of Mexico 2015 standings

Race results for 24 Hours of Mexico 2015

1.Flag Julian AbedApycsa Racing TeamSeat Leon Cupra
Pole position
Fastest lap
1.Flag Paul AbedApycsa Racing TeamSeat Leon Cupra
Pole position
Fastest lap
1.Flag Juan Carlos SierraApycsa Racing TeamSeat Leon Cupra
Pole position
Fastest lap
2.Flag Jorge AbedApycsa Racing TeamSeat Leon Cupra
2.Flag Yusif AbedApycsa Racing TeamSeat Leon Cupra
2.Flag Eduardo de LeónApycsa Racing TeamSeat Leon Cupra
3.Flag J. CruzGarza Racing TeamSeat Ibiza
3.Flag Raul GarzaGarza Racing TeamSeat Ibiza
3.Flag Mariscal SepulvedaGarza Racing TeamSeat Ibiza
4.Flag Alfonso GonzalezGZZ OranginoSeat Ibiza
4.Flag Amilcar GonzálezGZZ OranginoSeat Ibiza
4.Flag Carlos GonzalezGZZ OranginoSeat Ibiza
4.Flag Max GonzálezGZZ OranginoSeat Ibiza
5.Flag Aitor ElizondeElizonde RTSeat Ibiza
5.Flag José GonzálezElizonde RTSeat Ibiza
6.Flag Alexis CarreñoGDL RTSeat Ibiza
6.Flag I. CarreñoGDL RTSeat Ibiza
6.Flag Sergio del RioGDL RTSeat Ibiza
6.Flag Jorge PerezGDL RTSeat Ibiza
7.Flag Carlos Azcárate Jr.Orangino Racing TeamSeat Leon Cupra
7.Flag Rodrigo OrdoñezOrangino Racing TeamSeat Leon Cupra
7.Flag César Tiberio JiménezOrangino Racing TeamSeat Leon Cupra
7.Flag Alberto TreviñoOrangino Racing TeamSeat Leon Cupra
8.Flag Manuel GraciaTavasci RTVolkswagen
8.Flag Alejandro RamírezTavasci RTVolkswagen
8.Flag A. TavasciTavasci RTVolkswagen
8.Flag G. TavasciTavasci RTVolkswagen
9.Flag P. BocaneraMinvielle RTFord Ka
9.Flag J. MinvielleMinvielle RTFord Ka
9.Flag Jorge MinvielleMinvielle RTFord Ka
9.Flag Adrian VazquezMinvielle RTFord Ka
10.Flag Fernando LozTorres RacingVolkswagen
10.Flag Carlos Torres Jr.Torres RacingVolkswagen
10.Flag Carlos Torres Sr.Torres RacingVolkswagen
10.Flag Patricio ZambranoTorres RacingVolkswagen
11.Flag I. AllandeVazquez RTVolkswagen
11.Flag David Martinez LeonVazquez RTVolkswagen
11.Flag C. TorresVazquez RTVolkswagen
11.Flag Hector VazquezVazquez RTVolkswagen
12.Flag José Luis RodriguezSanz RacingChevrolet
12.Flag Maria Jose RodriguezSanz RacingChevrolet
12.Flag Gerardo Sanz Sr.Sanz RacingChevrolet
12.Flag Adelfo TorresSanz RacingChevrolet
13.Flag M. CarilloMTY RacingSeat Ibiza
13.Flag Alfredo GarcíaMTY RacingSeat Ibiza
13.Flag Fidencio GuzmanMTY RacingSeat Ibiza
13.Flag Rodrigo TreviñoMTY RacingSeat Ibiza
14.Flag Cesar JimenezJimenez RTVolkswagen
14.Flag Daniel JimenezJimenez RTVolkswagen
14.Flag Omar MendozaJimenez RTVolkswagen
14.Flag José Carlos SandovalJimenez RTVolkswagen
15.Flag Dimas DiazLewis RacingVolkswagen
15.Flag Sergio IbañezLewis RacingVolkswagen
15.Flag Henry LewisLewis RacingVolkswagen
15.Flag Mauro TapiaLewis RacingVolkswagen
17.Flag Arturo VazquezVazquez RTVolkswagen
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