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24 Hours of Daytona - GTP Lights 1993 standings

Race results for 24 Hours of Daytona - GTP Lights 1993

1.Flag Jim DowningKudzu DG-1 (Mazda)
1.Flag John GroomsKudzu DG-1 (Mazda)
1.Flag Frank JellinekKudzu DG-1 (Mazda)
1.Flag Tim McAdamKudzu DG-1 (Mazda)
2.Flag Ross BentleyClub Zed MotorsportsTiga GT286 (Mazda)
2.Flag Joseph HamiltonClub Zed MotorsportsTiga GT286 (Mazda)
2.Flag Peter HarboldtClub Zed MotorsportsTiga GT286 (Mazda)
2.Flag Rob MingayClub Zed MotorsportsTiga GT286 (Mazda)
2.Flag John MirroClub Zed MotorsportsTiga GT286 (Mazda)
3.Flag Don BellScandia EngineeringKudzu DG-2 (Buick)
3.Flag Tom Hessert IIScandia EngineeringKudzu DG-2 (Buick)
3.Flag John MarconiScandia EngineeringKudzu DG-2 (Buick)
3.Flag Fermín VélezScandia EngineeringKudzu DG-2 (Buick)
4.Flag Chris IveyPro-Technik RacingFabcar CL (Porsche)
4.Flag Buddy LazierPro-Technik RacingFabcar CL (Porsche)
4.Flag Anthony LazzaroPro-Technik RacingFabcar CL (Porsche)
4.Flag Sam ShalalaPro-Technik RacingFabcar CL (Porsche)
4.Flag Mike SheehanPro-Technik RacingFabcar CL (Porsche)
5.Flag Lon BenderScandia EngineeringKudzu DG-2 (Buick)
5.Flag Andy EvansScandia EngineeringKudzu DG-2 (Buick)
5.Flag Charles MorganScandia EngineeringKudzu DG-2 (Buick)
6.Flag Ed DelongTiga GT286 (Buick)
6.Flag Nick HolmesTiga GT286 (Buick)
6.Flag John MacalusoTiga GT286 (Buick)
6.Flag Bruce MacInnesTiga GT286 (Buick)
Flag Steve CameronComptech RacingSpice SE91P (Honda Acura)
Flag Paul DuckworthBieri RacingAlba AR2 (Ford V8)
Flag Bob EarlBrix RacingSpice AK93 (Honda Acura)
Flag Neil JamiesonBieri RacingAlba AR2 (Ford V8)
Flag Parker JohnstoneComptech RacingSpice SE91P (Honda Acura)
Flag John JonesBieri RacingAlba AR2 (Ford V8)
Flag Jeff LapcevichBieri RacingAlba AR2 (Ford V8)
Flag Dan MarvinComptech RacingSpice SE91P (Honda Acura)
Flag Bob SchaderBrix RacingSpice AK93 (Honda Acura)
Flag Chris SmithBrix RacingSpice AK93
Flag Ken WildenBieri RacingAlba AR2 (Ford V8)
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