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Australian National Sprint Kart Championships

2014Clubman HeavyFlag David SeraFlag Shay MayesFlag Brendan Nelson
2014Clubman LightFlag Dimitri AgathosFlag James SeraFlag Jaie Robson
2014Junior ClubmanFlag Drew RidgeFlag Oscar PiastriFlag Will Brown
2014Junior National HeavyFlag John IafollaFlag Ryan PikeFlag Cody Gillis
2014Junior National LightFlag Dylan HollisFlag Will BrownFlag Jayden Ojeda
2014Senior NationalFlag Matthew WatersFlag Shaun CostelloFlag Jeffrey Rahaley
2014X30 HeavyFlag Brendan NelsonFlag Shay MayesFlag Michael Saller
2014X30 LightFlag David SeraFlag Leigh NicolaouFlag James Sera
2013Clubman HeavyFlag David SeraFlag Kris WaltonFlag Kip Foster
2013Clubman LightFlag Jake ColemanFlag Jesse ElliottFlag Aidan Wright
2013Clubman Super HeavyFlag Paul PittamFlag Scott SimpsonFlag Ben McKinlay
2013Junior ClubmanFlag Joshua DentonFlag Nicholas RoweFlag Damon Strongman
2013Junior National HeavyFlag Jordan BoysFlag William HawkesFlag Nicholas Rowe
2013Junior National LightFlag Bryce FullwoodFlag Dylan HollisFlag Jayden Ojeda
2013Leopard HeavyFlag Kris WaltonFlag Matthew WallFlag Brendan Nelson
2013Leopard LightFlag David SeraFlag Josh TynanFlag Ben Stewart
2013Senior NationalFlag Jason NewmanFlag Jay SchrodterFlag James French
2012Clubman HeavyFlag Matthew WallFlag Kip FosterFlag Jason Hryniuk
2012Clubman LightFlag James SeraFlag Anthony MartinFlag Cian Fothergill
2012Clubman Super HeavyFlag Scott SimpsonFlag Ben McKinlayFlag Danny Errigo
2012Junior ClubmanFlag Thomas RandleFlag Jake ColemanFlag Luke Marquis
2012Junior National HeavyFlag James AllenFlag Nicholas RoweFlag Jesse Elliott
2012Junior National LightFlag Luke MarquisFlag Bryce FullwoodFlag Chris Burley
2012Leopard HeavyFlag Brendan NelsonFlag Matthew WallFlag Brad Fitch
2012Leopard LightFlag Pierce LehaneFlag James SeraFlag Cian Fothergill
2012Senior NationalFlag James FrenchFlag Luke JonesFlag Tyler Cramer
2011Clubman HeavyFlag Kip FosterFlag Shayne PiperFlag Zeke Edwards
2011Clubman LightFlag Cian FothergillFlag James SeraFlag Matthew Waters
2011Clubman Super HeavyFlag Stuart VercoFlag Josh BrookerFlag Luke Morton
2011Junior ClubmanFlag Jesse ElliottFlag Anton de PasqualeFlag Jason Lecocq
2011Junior National HeavyFlag Anton de PasqualeFlag Brock PlumbFlag Joey Mawson
2011Junior National LightFlag James GoldingFlag Luke MarquisFlag Jordan Boys
2011Leopard HeavyFlag Lee MitchenerFlag Brad FitchFlag Michael Griffiths
2011Leopard LightFlag Cian FothergillFlag Amrit KandolaFlag James Sera
2011Senior National HeavyFlag Matthew WatersFlag Ashley QuiddingtonFlag Nicholas Ellen
2011Senior National LightFlag Nicholas EllenFlag Matthew WatersFlag Aaron Borg
2010Clubman HeavyFlag Shayne PiperFlag Zeke EdwardsFlag Shane Price
2010Clubman LightFlag James SeraFlag Jordan FordFlag David Sera
2010Clubman Super HeavyFlag Ben McKinlayFlag Jason StaniaFlag Lachlan Frampton
2010Junior ClubmanFlag Joey MawsonFlag Simon HodgeFlag Jesse Elliott
2010Junior National HeavyFlag Jordan NicolaouFlag Mason ThomasFlag Macauley Jones
2010Junior National LightFlag Joey MawsonFlag Phillip MunnerleyFlag Liam Morey
2010Leopard HeavyFlag Lee MitchenerFlag Matt GreenburyFlag Brendan Nelson
2010Leopard LightFlag Dean FosterFlag Adam HughesFlag Adam Willison
2010Senior National HeavyFlag Aaron JohnstoneFlag Corey LeanFlag Matthew Waters
2010Senior National LightFlag Dale BeatonFlag Aaron JohnstoneFlag Ryan Reynolds
2009Clubman HeavyFlag Matthew WallFlag Justin GariochFlag Shayne Piper
2009Clubman LightFlag David SeraFlag Ben StewartFlag Adam Hughes
2009Clubman Super HeavyFlag Ryan FulcherFlag Lee FosterFlag Scott Simpson
2009Junior ClubmanFlag Christopher HayesFlag Warren White JrFlag Ben Jurczak
2009Junior National HeavyFlag Darcey KondopirakisFlag Aaron JohnstoneFlag Macauley Jones
2009Junior National LightFlag Warren White JrFlag Jonathan VenterFlag Jordan Lloyd
2009Leopard HeavyFlag Kel TresederFlag Brad BelcherFlag Simon Roberts
2009Leopard LightFlag Tyler GreenburyFlag Adam HughesFlag David Sera
2009Senior National HeavyFlag Marshall WatsonFlag Corey LeanFlag Hayden Stephensen
2009Senior National LightFlag Blake SciberrasFlag Scott SorensenFlag Matthew Waters
2008Clubman HeavyFlag Shayne PiperFlag Jason HryniukFlag Matthew Wall
2008Clubman LightFlag Bart PriceFlag James SeraFlag Steven Scoble
2008Clubman Super HeavyFlag Scott SimpsonFlag Ben McKinlayFlag Phill Straughen
2008Junior ClubmanFlag James KovacicFlag Ben LincolnFlag Scott McLaughlin
2008Junior National HeavyFlag Garry JacobsonFlag Blake SciberrasFlag James Kovacic
2008Junior National LightFlag Tyler GreenburyFlag Matt BrabhamFlag James Kovacic
2008Leopard HeavyFlag Justin SchneiderFlag Rick PringleFlag Nathan Mills
2008Leopard LightFlag James SeraFlag Ryan SandersonFlag Amrit Kandola
2008Senior National HeavyFlag Matthew WatersFlag Mark BrownFlag Franky Costanzo
2008Senior National LightFlag Matthew WatersFlag Dominic LostitchFlag Nicholas Tanti
2007Clubman HeavyFlag Troy HuntFlag Jason HryniukFlag Lee Mitchener
2007Clubman LightFlag James SeraFlag Matthew HayesFlag David Sera
2007Clubman Super HeavyFlag Scott SimpsonFlag Anthony HiggsFlag Ben McKinlay
2007Junior ClubmanFlag Chaz MostertFlag Amrit KandolaFlag David Whitmore
2007Junior National HeavyFlag Blake SciberrasFlag Amrit KandolaFlag Joshua Tanti
2007Junior National LightFlag Nick FosterFlag Ben JurczakFlag Jack Howard
2007Leopard HeavyFlag Matt GreenburyFlag Ryan FulcherFlag Dean Oven
2007Leopard LightFlag David SeraFlag Hayden McBrideFlag Matthew Wall
2007Senior National HeavyFlag Daniel SteinFlag Matthew WatersFlag Matty Dorado
2007Senior National LightFlag Anthony PetrilliFlag Thomas PhillipsFlag Matthew Waters
2006Clubman HeavyFlag Jason HryniukFlag Lee MitchenerFlag Jace Lindstrom
2006Clubman LightFlag Mason MerrittFlag James SeraFlag Cameron Thorpe
2006Clubman Super HeavyFlag Scott SimpsonFlag Stuart MorrisonFlag Ryan Fulcher
2006Formula 100Flag Matthew WallFlag Cameron ThorpeFlag Trent James
2006Junior ClubmanFlag Grant SmithFlag Scott PyeFlag Leigh Nicolaou
2006Junior National HeavyFlag Leigh NicolaouFlag Josh HughesFlag Lewis Shugar
2006Junior National LightFlag Chaz MostertFlag James KovacicFlag Daniel Rochford
2006Leopard HeavyFlag Rick PringleFlag Kel TresederFlag Ben Walter
2006Leopard LightFlag Matthew WallFlag David SeraFlag Ryan Sanderson
2006Senior National HeavyFlag Lloyd BilickFlag Darren CleeFlag Jason Pringle
2006Senior National LightFlag Adam KlunykFlag Mitchell CuijpersFlag Cian Fothergill
2005Clubman HeavyFlag Brad FitchFlag Troy HuntFlag Ben Van Ryt
2005Clubman LightFlag Deepal KandolaFlag James SeraFlag Chris Jeffrey
2005Clubman Super HeavyFlag Dean OvenFlag Jason HoldingFlag Scott Simpson
2005Formula 100Flag Kristian LindbomFlag Daniel ElliottFlag Matthew Wall
2005Formula Australia HeavyFlag Brad FitchFlag Danny BuzadzicFlag Deni Razmovski
2005Formula Australia LightFlag Deepal KandolaFlag Cameron ThorpeFlag Ryan Sherman
2005Junior ClubmanFlag Amrit KandolaFlag Grant SmithFlag Chris Reindler
2005Junior National HeavyFlag Adam LeviFlag Pavan KandolaFlag Luke Farrelly
2005Junior National LightFlag Chaz MostertFlag Amrit KandolaFlag Lee Chapman
2005Senior National HeavyFlag Timothy SweeneyFlag Daniel SteinFlag Lloyd Bilick
2005Senior National LightFlag Simon GwilliamFlag Jedd StojakovicFlag Nathan Mills
2004Clubman HeavyFlag Kel Treseder??
2004Clubman LightFlag Paul Laskazeski??
2004Clubman Super HeavyFlag Scott Simpson??
2004Formula 100Flag Matthew Wall??
2004Formula Australia HeavyFlag Brad Fitch??
2004Formula Australia LightFlag Cameron Thorpe??
2004Junior ClubmanFlag Kristian Lindbom??
2004Junior National HeavyFlag David Sera??
2004Junior National LightFlag Leigh Nicolaou??
2004Senior National HeavyFlag Tim Blanchard??
2004Senior National LightFlag Chris Jeffrey??
2003Clubman HeavyFlag Troy Hunt??
2003Clubman LightFlag Jason Hryniuk??
2003Clubman Super HeavyFlag Brett Hobson??
2003Formula 100Flag Barclay Holden??
2003Formula Australia HeavyFlag Brad Fitch??
2003Formula Australia LightFlag Matthew Wall??
2003Junior ClubmanFlag Ashley Walsh??
2003Junior National HeavyFlag Tim Blanchard??
2003Junior National LightFlag David Sera??
2003Junior Piston PortFlag Ashley Walsh??
2003Senior National HeavyFlag Jason Pringle??
2003Senior National LightFlag Phillip King??
2002Clubman HeavyFlag William Yarwood??
2002Clubman LightFlag Jason Hryniuk??
2002Clubman Super HeavyFlag Steve Engel??
2002Formula 100Flag Michael Patrizi??
2002Formula Australia LightFlag Troy Woolston??
2002Junior ClubmanFlag Shane Price??
2002Junior National HeavyFlag Marcus Burford??
2002Junior National LightFlag David Sera??
2002Junior Piston PortFlag Andrew Thompson??
2002Senior National HeavyFlag Duane West??
2002Senior National LightFlag Garry Joel??
2001Clubman HeavyFlag William Yarwood??
2001Clubman LightFlag Mark Winterbottom??
2001Clubman Super HeavyFlag Carsten Tiedemann??
2001Formula 100Flag Brendan May??
2001Formula Australia HeavyFlag William Yarwood??
2001Formula Australia LightFlag Barclay Holden??
2001Junior ClubmanFlag Shane Price??
2001Junior National HeavyFlag James Love??
2001Junior National LightFlag Anthony Contarino??
2001Senior National HeavyFlag Adam Clark??
2001Senior National LightFlag Kane Wiltshire??
2000Clubman HeavyFlag Ben Savage??
2000Clubman LightFlag Steve Owen??
2000Clubman Super HeavyFlag Anthony Higgs??
2000Formula 100 HeavyFlag Jason Stania??
2000Formula 100 LightFlag Neil McFadyen??
2000Formula Yamaha HeavyFlag Kip Foster??
2000Formula Yamaha LightFlag Mark Winterbottom??
2000Formula Yamaha Super HeavyFlag Anthony Higgs??
2000Junior ClubmanFlag Taz Douglas??
2000Junior Formula YamahaFlag Brett Robinson??
2000Junior National HeavyFlag Blake Mills??
2000Junior National LightFlag Ian Dyk??
2000Junior Piston PortFlag Ryal Harris??
2000Piston PortFlag Clinton Dive??
2000Senior National HeavyFlag Brett Arnett??
2000Senior National LightFlag Craig Bertwistle??
1999200c SuperFlag Simon Wedd??
1999Clubman HeavyFlag Kip Foster??
1999Clubman LightFlag Bart Price??
1999Clubman Super HeavyFlag Anthony Higgs??
1999Formula 100 HeavyFlag Robert Mould??
1999Formula 100 LightFlag Troy Hunt??
1999Formula Yamaha HeavyFlag Kip Foster??
1999Formula Yamaha LightFlag Mark Winterbottom??
1999Formula Yamaha Super HeavyFlag Jeff Cooper??
1999Junior ClubmanFlag Daniel Elliott??
1999Junior Formula YamahaFlag Daniel Elliott??
1999Junior National HeavyFlag Matt Cherry??
1999Junior National LightFlag Daniel Elliott??
1999Junior Piston PortFlag Daniel Elliott??
1999Senior National HeavyFlag Darren Clee??
1999Senior National LightFlag Trent Rogers??
1999Twin ClubmanFlag Alan Waddingham??

Results for the Australian National Sprint Kart Championships on this page are from 1999 to 2014. This may not represent all years for this series.

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