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What's your best quality as a racing driver?
Raed Raffii:
– can adapt to a car quickly
Ezra Idafar:
– i never give up
Junior Strous:
– Technical
Sage Karam:
– Always competitive no matter what the equipment is like.
Shahaan Engineer:
– I am determined
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1.Adrian Quaife-Hobbs
2.Josh Webster
3.Daniel Beaven
4.Alice Powell
5.Danica Patrick
6.Tommy Sexton
7.Carlos Sainz Jr.
8.Beitske Visser
9.Vid Psajd
10.John English
11.Vadim Kogay
12.José María López
13.Keyvan Andres Soori
14.AntĂłnio FĂ©lix da Costa
15.Freddie Hunt
16.Mick Betsch
17.André Falkenhaug
18.Rupert Svendsen-Cook
19.Lewis Hamilton
20.Kevin Giovesi
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USAC National Championship 1958

 Teams | Stats | Cars | Birthdates 
1.Tony BettenhausenHardwood Door, Jones & Maley, ...1830
2.George AmickPeter Schmidt, Norm Demler, Ho...1640
3.Johnny ThomsonRacing Associates1520
4.Jud LarsonJohn Zink, Bignotti1250
5.Rodger WardWolcott, Hoover Motor Express1160
6.Jimmy BryanGeorge Salih1000
7.Eddie SachsPeter Schmidt, Central Excavat...990
8.Johnny BoydBowes Seal Fast 800
9.Don BransonHoover Motor Express, Hardwood...790
10.A.J. FoytDean Van Lines700
11.Len SuttonCentral Excavating, Jim Robbin...670
12.Jimmy ReeceJohn Zink, Bowes Seal Fast660
13.Don FreelandBob Estes 560
14.Jim RathmannHopkins Racing, Zink Leader Ca...560
15.Bob VeithBowes Seal Fast, Chiropractic480
16.Johnnie TolanGreenman-Casale 450
17.Eddie JohnsonDonaldson360
18.Joseph J BarzdaCalifornia Speed Shop320
19.Elmer GeorgeHOW300
20.Rex EastonWyandotte Tool270
21.Jack TurnerMassaglia Hotels, Hart Fullert...230
22.Bill CheesbourgNovi Racing, Chiropractic220
23.Art BischH.H. Johnson, Central Excavati...200
24.Ed ElisianJohn Zink, McNamara, Central E...180
25.Ralph LiguoriLeitenberger, Chapman Root170
26.Emmett Maurice BartonJames Campbell170
27.Earl MotterCity of Memhis, Hart Fullerton...130
28.Al KellerPat Clancy100
29.Jim (James R) PackardGlessner80
30.Mike MagillDayton-Walther, Vargo60
31.Dempsey WilsonHall-Mar, Bob Sorenson, Sclavi...60
32.Paul RussoNovi Racing, Central Excavatin...50
33.Johnnie ParsonsFred Gerhardt50
Chuck RodeeHolynski50
35.Wayne WeilerHart Fullerton40
36.Bobby GrimErnest Ruiz40
37.Shorty (Clark) TemplemanKalamazoo Sports, Westwood Gag...30
38.Roy GrahamWestwood Gage10
Richard AmickDayton-Walther
Tony BonadiesTassi Vatis Enterprises
Bob ChristieFederal Engineering
Jimmy DaviesChiropractic
Pat FlahertyDunn Engineering
Gene ForceShannon Brothers
Billy GarrettHenry Allen Chapman
Paul GoldsmithSmokey Yunick
Gene HartleyMorcroft
Bill HomeierTassi Vatis Enterprises
Dick LinderVargo
Pat O'ConnorChapman Root
Jiggs (Fred) PetersGlessner
Dick RathmannKalamazoo Sports
Lloyd RubyHardwood Door
Troy RuttmanViking Craft
Bob (Robert) SchroederDinkins
Jerry UnserMcKay Bulldog
Chuck WeyantDunn Engineering

Age statistics:

Average age of drivers:34 years old
Youngest driver:A.J. Foyt, 23 years old (born: 1935-01-16)
Oldest driver:Rex Easton, 44 years old (born: 1913-12-12)

The average age is calculated in the middle of the year (1958-07-01).

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Top 2014 race winners

1.Jamie Conroy13
2.Jason Bargwanna11
3.Rowan Shepherd10
Michael Lyons10
5.Tom Bale9
Dean McCarroll9
7.Greg Murphy8
Donny Schatz8
Zahn Turner8
Keyvan Andres Soori8
11.Steven Lines7
Clemens Schmid7
13.George Kulig6
Rupert Svendsen-Cook6
James McLaughlin6
16.Jamie McNee5
Peter Carr5
Warren Luff5
Kris Walton5
Brett Parrish5
This list also includes series that span over the new year (i.e. 2013-14 championships).

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