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What's your ultimate goal as a racing driver?
Ezra Idafar:
– DTM or le mans
Junior Strous:
– Winning on all street courses world wide
Sage Karam:
– Win the Indy 500/F1 Champion
Jorge Colin:
– Driving @ DTM
Martin Kodric:
– f1 driver
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12.José María López
13.Keyvan Andres Soori
14.AntĂłnio FĂ©lix da Costa
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20.Kevin Giovesi
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24 Hours of Leipzig 2012

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1.Stephan EppLaps Kartcenter by Goldtimer
Andy KoppkaLaps Kartcenter by Goldtimer
Michael SchöttlerLaps Kartcenter by Goldtimer
Stefan SiepmannLaps Kartcenter by Goldtimer
Patrick ThieleLaps Kartcenter by Goldtimer
Michael WeidemannLaps Kartcenter by Goldtimer
2.Christer JönsTeam FANIC powered by live-str...
Sebastian KroppTeam FANIC powered by live-str...
Christopher MiesTeam FANIC powered by live-str...
Tobias NeuserTeam FANIC powered by live-str...
Marian PasicTeam FANIC powered by live-str...
Jan SeyffarthTeam FANIC powered by live-str...
Marcel WeberTeam FANIC powered by live-str...
3.Denny GörsdorfNeed for Speed Team Schubert
Dennis HöllerNeed for Speed Team Schubert
Sebastian MäderNeed for Speed Team Schubert
Thomas SchallerNeed for Speed Team Schubert
Marcel SchlenkerNeed for Speed Team Schubert
David SchusterNeed for Speed Team Schubert
4.Maximilian BarthDaytona Racing Team
Maximilian BeerDaytona Racing Team
Christopher BenninghovenDaytona Racing Team
Maximilian FritzDaytona Racing Team
Kevin JantoschDaytona Racing Team
Giovinni NigliazzoDaytona Racing Team
5.Benjamin GeisslerPTO Racing
Jan HünningerPTO Racing
Christian IbePTO Racing
Daniel OstermannPTO Racing
Marvin RomanusPTO Racing
Marcus SchneeweissPTO Racing
6.Manuel MaierReiter Engineering
Julian PentnerReiter Engineering
Sascha RehmReiter Engineering
Luca RettenbacherReiter Engineering
Raimund WachtlerReiter Engineering
Tobias WeichenbergerReiter Engineering
7.Andreas EppingerMSC Scuderia Kempten
Christoph GrübelMSC Scuderia Kempten
Timo KieslichMSC Scuderia Kempten
Johannes MayleMSC Scuderia Kempten
Ferenz NagyMSC Scuderia Kempten
Martin VitzthumMSC Scuderia Kempten
8.Lars BöhmeSchulze Motorsport
Dennis DalchowSchulze Motorsport
Martin KnappSchulze Motorsport
Pierre KohlstrungSchulze Motorsport
Michael SchulzeSchulze Motorsport
Tobias SchulzeSchulze Motorsport
Simon ThürerSchulze Motorsport
9.Patrick DolleschallWEITRACON
Clemens DonnerWEITRACON
Markus HaimbuchnerWEITRACON
Mario MarchnerWEITRACON
Johannes MayerWEITRACON
10.Martin DasslerGoldtimer Renntaxi
Stefan FriedrichGoldtimer Renntaxi
Konrad GehringGoldtimer Renntaxi
Daniel HaasGoldtimer Renntaxi
Joe NguyenGoldtimer Renntaxi
Ronny StachonGoldtimer Renntaxi
11.Fabian ErleNees Racing Junior Team
Patrick KreuterNees Racing Junior Team
Tom LorkowskiNees Racing Junior Team
Manuel NeesNees Racing Junior Team
Christian StiersNees Racing Junior Team
Maximilian WisselNees Racing Junior Team
12.Marcus BrandC2 Race Cup by Seyffarth Motor...
Mike den TandtC2 Race Cup by Seyffarth Motor...
Yannick FübrichC2 Race Cup by Seyffarth Motor...
Sven HansC2 Race Cup by Seyffarth Motor...
David JahnC2 Race Cup by Seyffarth Motor...
Patrick MeisterC2 Race Cup by Seyffarth Motor...
13.Michael BräutigamRF Racing
Sven KaiserRF Racing
Fabian MichaelisRF Racing
Dennis NiewöhnerRF Racing
Carsten RettstadtRF Racing
Frank WilhelmRF Racing
14.Ralf BauerWWH Racing
Jens GlauerWWH Racing
Volker HeyneWWH Racing
Gregor HofmannWWH Racing
Christian KaiserWWH Racing
Mike ScherrWWH Racing
Maik StelzerWWH Racing
15.Dennis BrinkC2 Ladies Cup by Seyffarth Mot...
Kris HeidornC2 Ladies Cup by Seyffarth Mot...
Maximilian KochC2 Ladies Cup by Seyffarth Mot...
Matthias SchmidtC2 Ladies Cup by Seyffarth Mot...
Bernd SteinmüllerC2 Ladies Cup by Seyffarth Mot...
Hellmut StolleC2 Ladies Cup by Seyffarth Mot...
Luca WenkerC2 Ladies Cup by Seyffarth Mot...
17.Kay BehrensSMXKT
Henry HermannSMXKT
Tim LinkeSMXKT
Martin MeierSMXKT
Daniel SachseSMXKT
Andreas SchulleSMXKT
Stefan WendlSMXKT
18.Mike GlaserJ & J Sportmarketing Nürnberg
Caro JönsJ & J Sportmarketing Nürnberg
Maja MöllerJ & J Sportmarketing Nürnberg
Julian NeumannJ & J Sportmarketing Nürnberg
Stefanie PhilippJ & J Sportmarketing Nürnberg
Andreas SchindlerJ & J Sportmarketing Nürnberg
Charlotte WilkingJ & J Sportmarketing Nürnberg

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