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What's your ultimate goal as a racing driver?
Cyrus Engineer:
– To win the world touring car championship
Raed Raffii:
– Formula One
Jose Manuel De Los Milagros:
Ezra Idafar:
– DTM or le mans
Junior Strous:
– Winning on all street courses world wide
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1.Adrian Quaife-Hobbs
2.Josh Webster
3.Daniel Beaven
4.Alice Powell
5.Danica Patrick
6.Tommy Sexton
7.Carlos Sainz Jr.
8.Beitske Visser
9.Vid Psajd
10.John English
11.Vadim Kogay
12.José María López
13.Keyvan Andres Soori
14.AntĂłnio FĂ©lix da Costa
15.Freddie Hunt
16.Mick Betsch
17.André Falkenhaug
18.Rupert Svendsen-Cook
19.Lewis Hamilton
20.Kevin Giovesi
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French GT Championship - GT Cup 2000

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1.Gérard LarroussePorsche 911 Carrera RSR424
Thierry PerrierPorsche 911 Carrera RSR424
2.Michel NourryPorsche 996 GT3 Cup418
Philippe SoulanPorsche 996 GT3 Cup418
3.Gérard BleynieBMW Z3 M Trophée350
Jean-Pierre JabouilleBMW Z3 M Trophée350
4.Michel MaisonneuvePorsche 996 GT3 Cup214
Eric MouezPorsche 996 GT3 Cup214
5.Yannick DavidPorsche 996 GT3 Cup192
Philippe RoussaudPorsche 996 GT3 Cup192
6.Luc RozentvaigPorsche 996 GT3 Cup184
7.Philippe PoletteBMW Z3 M Trophée173
8.Antonio GravinoPorsche 996 GT3 Cup172
Olivier PortaPorsche 996 GT3 Cup172
9.Jean-Paul CaillePorsche 993 Carrera Cup167
Gérard LemercierPorsche 993 Carrera Cup167
10.Olivier GuittenyFerrari F355 Challenge155
Gael LesoudierFerrari F355 Challenge155
11.Hervé GuillaumeBMW Z3 M Trophée144
12.Jean-Yves AdamBMW Z3 M Trophée135
13.Jacques HeuclinPorsche 996 GT3 Cup130
14.Michel MoraTVR Tuscan Challenge
Porsche 996 GT3 Cup
15.Serge PajeanBMW Z3 M Trophée111
16.Frédéric LelievreBMW Z3 M Trophée109
17.Pascal HugotBMW Z3 M Trophée107
18.Massimo MoriniPorsche 996 GT3 Cup102
Maurizio StradaPorsche 996 GT3 Cup102
19.Jean-Michel NeyrialBMW Z3 M Trophée101
20.Stephane EchallardPorsche 993 Carrera Cup101
Hervé JonvillePorsche 993 Carrera Cup101
21.Marcel SciabbarrasiPorsche 993 Carrera Cup98
22.Jean-Pierre BéchuPorsche 996 GT3 Cup92
Gérald ChopardPorsche 996 GT3 Cup92
23.Olivier MartinBMW Z3 M Trophée90
24.Bertrand BalasPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
BMW Z3 M Trophée
Massimo ManganaroTVR Tuscan Chalenge
Porsche 996 GT3 Cup
25.Loic OlivierPorsche 996 GT3 Cup77
27.Philippe BaudiniérePorsche 996 GT3 Cup77
26.Thierry BergerBMW Z3 M Trophée70
27.Frédéric DedoursPorsche 993 Carrera Cup
Porsche 996 GT3 Cup
28.Stéphane DaoudiVenturi 400 Trophy65
Philippe PapinVenturi 400 Trophy65
29.Patrick BourguignonFerrari F355 Challenge65
Pierre SchreiberFerrari F355 Challenge65
30.Fabio BabiniPorsche 911 Carrera RSR
Porsche 996 GT3 Cup
Andrea FrigerioPorsche 911 Carrera RSR
Porsche 996 GT3 Cup
31.Caty CalyPorsche 996 GT3 Cup54
32.Bernard CastagnéPorsche 993 Carrera Cup46
33.Frédéric LajouxPorsche 996 GT3 Cup44
34.Christophe GrignacPorsche 996 GT3 Cup40
35.Lucien GuittenyTVR Tuscan Challenge
Porsche 993 Carrera Cup
Francis LesaffreBMW Z3 M Trophée40
36.Michel BaudoinPorsche 993 Carrera Cup
Porsche 996 GT3 Cup
Jean-Claude RuffierPorsche 993 Carrera Cup
Porsche 996 GT3 Cup
37.Philippe CharriolBMW Z3 M Trophée
Venturi 400 Trophy
38.Frédéric DavyPorsche 996 GT3 Cup32
Alain SallesPorsche 996 Carrera Cup32
39.Georges CabanneLamborghini Diablo SV-R30
40.Gildo Pallanca-PastorPorsche 996 GT3 Cup28
41.Jean-Paul OudinPorsche 993 Carrera Cup28
42.Guy ClairayPorsche 993 Carrera Cup28
Erick RumplerPorsche 993 Carrera Cup28
43.Jean-Louis DegliseVenturi 400 Trophy
Lamborghini Diablo SV-R
Stephane LeloupBMW Z3 M Trophée22
44.Loïc DepaillerBMW Z3 M Trophée19
45.Georges ChericiFerrari F355 Challenge19
Jean-Francois LerochFerrari F355 Challenge19
46.Jean-Yves MoineBMW Z3 M Trophée18
47.Patrick DupinVenturi 400 Trophy17
48.Christian DemigneuxVenturi 400 Trophy13
49.Philippe MazueLamborghini Diablo SV-R12
50.Arnaud PeyrolesPorsche 993 Carrera Cup
Porsche 996 GT3 Cup
51.Maxime BochetVenturi 400 Trophy5
Christophe LeméeVenturi 400 Trophy5
Philippe AlliotBMW Z3 M Trophée
Jean-Marc BachelierPorsche 993 Carrera Cup
Jean-François BihlTVR Tuscan Challenge
Luca CattaneoPorsche 964 Carrera Cup
Hervé ClémentPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
Antonio de CastroPorsche 964 Carrera Cup
Michel DemigneuxVenturi 400 Trophy
Lamborghini Diablo SV-R
Daniel DesbruèresPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
Pascal DevidetBMW Z3 M Trophée
Jean-Baptiste EmericPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
Bernard EnsenatLamborghini Diablo SV-R
Hilal FétouhiPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
Eric GallardoPorsche 993 Carrera Cup
Gérald GarciaFerrari F355 Challenge
Thierry GuiodPorsche 993 Carrera Cup
David HallydayPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
Eric JaeckPorsche 993 Carrera Cup
Michel LavilleVenturi 400 Trophy
Olivier LecléreVenturi 400 Trophy
Christian LepreuxPorsche 993 Carrera Cup
Nicolas MailletPorsche 993 Carrera Cup
Jean-Pierre MichelPorsche 993 Carrera Cup
Jean-Claude MiloéPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
Jean-Philippe MiloéPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
Pietro MonopoliFerrari F355 Challenge
Renato PremoliPorsche 964 Carrera Cup
Frédéric PurenPorsche 993 Carrera Cup
Gilles RousseauPorsche 996 GT3 Cup
Jérome SorniclePorsche 993 Carrera Cup
Marc SourdVenturi 400 Trophy
Philippe TilliePorsche 993 Carrera Cup
Philippe UllmannVenturi 400 Trophy
Philippe VigneronPorsche 993 Carrera Cup

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