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Which corner is the best in the world?
Cyrus Engineer:
– 2nd last corner on Al Ain
Myles Collins:
– Has to be Eau Rouge
Fahad Hizam:
– Copse - Silverstone
Junior Strous:
– Au Rouge
Jono Lester:
– Final turn at Sugo Sportsland
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Most buzz

1.Adrian Quaife-Hobbs
2.Josh Webster
3.Daniel Beaven
4.Alice Powell
5.Danica Patrick
6.Tommy Sexton
7.Carlos Sainz Jr.
8.Beitske Visser
9.Vid Psajd
10.John English
11.Vadim Kogay
12.José María López
13.Keyvan Andres Soori
14.AntĂłnio FĂ©lix da Costa
15.Freddie Hunt
16.Mick Betsch
17.André Falkenhaug
18.Rupert Svendsen-Cook
19.Lewis Hamilton
20.Kevin Giovesi
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NASCAR Busch Series 1993

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1.Steve Grissom1963-06-263850
2.Ricky Craven1966-05-243598
3.David Green1958-01-283587
4.Chuck Bown1954-??-??3537
5.Joe Nemechek1963-09-263448
6.Ward Burton1961-10-253416
7.Bobby Dotter1960-07-113411
8.Robert Pressley1959-04-083392
9.Todd Bodine1964-02-273387
10.Hermie Sadler1969-04-243365
11.Tracy Leslie1957-??-??3339
12.Mike Wallace1959-03-103218
13.Tom Peck1953-??-??3214
14.Jeff Burton1967-06-293033
15.Rodney Combs1950-??-??2972
16.Tommy Houston1945-01-292856
18.Tim Fedewa1967-05-092778
19.Jack Sprague1964-08-082432
20.Terry Labonte1956-11-162399
23.Shawna Robinson1964-11-301953
24.Mark Martin1959-01-091744
25.Larry Pearson1953-11-021662
26.Jim Bown1960-06-241567
27.Harry Gant1940-01-101529
28.Nathan Buttke1975-??-??1417
29.Bill Elliott1955-10-081276
30.Michael Waltrip1963-04-301240
33.Butch Miller1952-06-051182
32.Chad Little1963-??-??1174
33.Jason Keller1970-05-231140
34.Dale Jarrett1956-11-261133
35.Ken Schrader1955-05-291066
36.Randy LaJoie1961-08-281048
37.Dale Earnhardt1951-04-29 – 2001-02-18989
39.Ernie Irvan1959-01-13901
40.Jeff Green1972-09-06894
41.Sterling Marlin1957-06-30864
42.Jimmy Spencer1957-02-15842
43.Phil Parsons1957-06-21813
44.Rick Wilson1953-01-31726
45.Ed Berrier1961-??-??647
46.Troy Beebe1962-??-??641
47.Bobby Hamilton1957-05-29 – 2007-01-07594
49.Rick Mast1957-??-??535
50.Darrell Waltrip1947-02-05513
51.Michael Ritch1973-02-24479
52.Davey Allison1961-02-25 – 1993-07-13462
53.Dennis Setzer1960-02-27458
56.Sammy Swindell1955-10-26370
57.Ronald Cooper1958-??-??363
58.Mike McLaughlin1956-10-06362
60.Johnny Benson, Jr1963-06-27331
61.Clay Brown????-??-??292
62.Bobby Labonte1964-05-08261
63.Hut Stricklin1961-06-24253
65.Mike Stefanik1958-05-20240
66.Joe Ruttman1944-10-28237
68.Randy MacDonald1964-07-26224
69.Martin Truex1948-03-24224
70.Chad Chaffin1968-07-20222
71.Kelly Moore1959-01-31221
74.Jimmy Hensley1945-10-11197
75.Billy Standridge1953-??-??188
78.Robert Huffman1968-03-12174
81.Jeff Purvis1959-02-19164
82.Pete Silva????-??-??158
83.Tommy Ellis1947-??-??155
85.Tim Steele1968-03-01146
86.David Donohue1967-01-05143
87.Elton Sawyer1959-??-??143
88.Jeff Barry1967-??-??137
93.Andy Santerre1968-09-07121
95.Ed Ferree1952-??-??112
96.Jamie Aube1953-08-04112
98.Steve Perry1955-??-??106
101.Robbie Reiser????-??-??100
103.Andy Hillenburg1963-04-3097
106.Morgan Shepherd1941-10-2188
107.Ashton Lewis1972-01-2282
108.Brett Bodine1959-01-1179
111.Scott Lagasse1959-02-2070
114.Jeff Spraker1959-03-1364
118.Rusty Wallace1956-08-1464
120.Stanton Barrett1972-12-0158
122.Mike Garvey1962-09-1352
123.Stub Fadden1933-10-18 – 2009-03-1149
126.Brian Ross1944-??-??34

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11.Steven Lines7
Clemens Schmid7
13.Rupert Svendsen-Cook6
Taylor Cockerton6
Chelsea Angelo6
James McLaughlin6
George Kulig6
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Kris Walton5
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