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Which corner is the best in the world?
Fahad Hizam:
– Copse - Silverstone
Matt Smith:
– Craner Curves
James Peace:
– Druids
Raed Raffii:
– Turn one in Shanghai
Philippe Layac:
– Craner's curves
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1.Adrian Quaife-Hobbs
2.Josh Webster
3.Daniel Beaven
4.Alice Powell
5.Danica Patrick
6.Tommy Sexton
7.Carlos Sainz Jr.
8.Beitske Visser
9.Vid Psajd
10.John English
11.Vadim Kogay
12.José María López
13.Keyvan Andres Soori
14.AntĂłnio FĂ©lix da Costa
15.Freddie Hunt
16.Mick Betsch
17.André Falkenhaug
18.Rupert Svendsen-Cook
19.Lewis Hamilton
20.Kevin Giovesi
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IMSA Camel GTP Championship 1989

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1.Geoff BrabhamElectramotive Engineering230
2.Chip RobinsonElectramotive Engineering219
3.Price CobbCastrol Jaguar Racing193
4.John NielsenCastrol Jaguar Racing154
5.John AndrettiBusby Racing112
6.Jan LammersCastrol Jaguar Racing103
7.Bob WollekBusby Racing99
8.Bob EarlSpice Engineering USA83
9.Drake OlsonAll American Racers76
10.Jim MillerJim Miller Racing71
11.Giampiero MorettiMomo-Gebhardt Racing70
12.Costas LosSpice Engineering USA60
13.Juan Manuel Fangio IIAll American Racers53
14.Jeff KlineSpice Engineering, Busby Racin...47
15.Jim AdamsHotchkis Racing40
Davy JonesCastrol Jaguar Racing40
17.John Hotchkis sr.Hotchkis Racing38
18.Frank JelinskiJoest Racing, Momo-Gebhardt Ra...36
19.James WeaverBayside Motorsports35
20.Derek BellBusby Racing, Momo-Gebhardt Ra...34
21.Jean-Louis RicciJoest Racing, Spice Engineerin...29
22.Stanley DickensMomo-Gebhardt Racing24
23.Willy T. RibbsAll American Racers24
24.John Paul Jr.Bayside Racing, Phoenix Racing...24
25.Chris CordAll American Racers22
26.Andy WallaceCastrol Jaguar Racing20
27.John Hotchkis jr.Hotchkis Racing19
Albert Naon jr.Tom Milner Racing, Spice Engin...19
29.Klaus LudwigBayside Motorsports18
30.Walter BrunBrun Motorsport17
Dominic DobsonBayside Motorsports17
Oscar Ruben LarrauriBrun Motorsport17
Hans-Joachim StuckBrun Motorsport17
34.Michael RoeElectramotive Engineering, Mom...15
Massimo SigalaMomo-Gebhardt Racing15
Sarel van der MerweBayside Motorsports15
37.Jochen MassBayside Racing15
38.Elliott Forbes-RobinsonMazda Motors of America13
Yoshimi KatayamaMazda Motors of America13
Takashi YorinoMazda Motors of America13
41.Michael BrockmanBall Bros. Racing13
Steve DurstBall Bros.Racing13
43.Bill AdamFabcar American Racing11
Tim McAdamFabcar American Racing11
Chip MeadFabcar American Racing11
46.Allen BergBernard Jourdain9
Bernard JourdainBernard Jourdain9
48.Scott GoodyearPeerless Racing8
Jacques Villeneuve SrPeerless Racing8
50.Jay CochranBall Bros. Racing7
Jean-Pierre FreyTom Milner Racing7
Marty RothTom Milner Racing7
53.Scott AtchisonSpice Engineering USA6
Rob DysonBayside Motorsports6
Henri PescaroloJoest Racing6
Bernard SantalSpice Engineering USA6
57.Rocky MoranAll American Racers5
58.René HerzogAlucraft Racing4
Mario HyttenAlucraft Racing4
60.Enrico DebenedettiDe Blasi Racing3
Stefano LivioDe Blasi Racing3
62.Steve BrenAll American Racers, Busby Rac...2
Louis KragesJoest Racing2
Tom Shelton2
65.Wayne TaylorSpice Engineering USA1
Dennis AaseAll American Racers
Mario AndrettiBusby Racing
Michael AndrettiBusby Racing
Mauro BaldiMomo-Gebhardt Racing
Jack BaldwinTom Milner Racing
Claude Ballot-LénaJoest Racing
Tony BelcherBall Bros. Racing
Raul BoeselCastrol Jaguar Racing
Jim BriodyBriody Racing
Bruce CanepaCanepa Motorsports
Andrés ContrerasBernard Jourdain
Derek DalyCastrol Jaguar Racing
Amato FerrariDe Blasi Racing
Alain FertéCastrol Jaguar Racing
Fabrizio GiovanardiDe Blasi Racing
John GunnPhoenix Racing Cars
Claudio LangesDe Blasi Racing
Bruce LevenBayside Motorsports
John LewisPhoenix Racing Cars
Arie LuyendykElectramotive Engineering
Bruce MacInnesBriody Racing
Oscar ManautouBernard Jourdain
Ruggero MelgratiTom Milner Racing
Emanuele NaspettiDe Blasi Racing
Greg PickettCanepa Motorsports
Tom PumpellyTom Milner Racing
Dieter QuesterSpice Engineering USA
Marzio RomanoDe Blasi Racing

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1.Jamie Conroy13
2.Jason Bargwanna11
3.Michael Lyons10
Rowan Shepherd10
5.Tom Bale9
Dean McCarroll9
7.Donny Schatz8
Zahn Turner8
Greg Murphy8
Keyvan Andres Soori8
11.Steven Lines7
Clemens Schmid7
13.Rupert Svendsen-Cook6
George Kulig6
James McLaughlin6
16.Warren Luff5
Jamie McNee5
Andrew Waite5
Kris Walton5
Brett Parrish5
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