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Which is the best racing driver (in your opinion) that you've raced against?
Sascha Halek:
– In the BMW Challenge it was Christian Walleit. In the Alpenpokal my teammate Marko Klein, i learned a lot of him and he is a great guy.
Myles Collins:
– Paul Di Resta
Michael Bilyy:
– Nick Neri
Nathan Blok:
– Olivier Bonnet
James Peace:
– Ashley Jones
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1.Adrian Quaife-Hobbs
2.Josh Webster
3.Daniel Beaven
4.Alice Powell
5.Danica Patrick
6.Tommy Sexton
7.Carlos Sainz Jr.
8.Beitske Visser
9.Vid Psajd
10.John English
11.Vadim Kogay
12.José María López
13.Keyvan Andres Soori
14.AntĂłnio FĂ©lix da Costa
15.Freddie Hunt
16.Mick Betsch
17.André Falkenhaug
18.Rupert Svendsen-Cook
19.Lewis Hamilton
20.Kevin Giovesi
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Fly You Clio Renault Sport Cup 2001

(Renault Clio Cup Netherlands)
 Teams | Stats | Cars | Birthdates 
1.Jeroen BleekemolenRenault Clio139
2.Phil BastiaansRenault Clio RSII94
3.Pim van RietRenault Clio RSII82
4.Jeroen ReijntjensRenault Clio RSII75
5.Michael BleekemolenRenault Clio RSII70
6.Sebastiaan BleekemolenRenault Clio RSII68
7.Marcel van VlietRenault Clio RS II68
8.Mario BikRenault Clio RS II48
9.Danny van DongenRenault Clio RS II42
10.Hugo CharlesRenault Clio RSII26
11.Rory BertramRenault Clio RSII20
12.Michael SanstraRenault Clio RSII20
13.Marcel KesselerRenault Clio RSII19
14.Fred HehlRenault Clio RSII18
15.Roeland VoermanRenault Clio RSII17
16.Bert PloegRenault Clio RSII14
17.Joost KoendersRenault Clio RSII11
18.Jan LammersRenault Clio RSII10
19.Frank ScholtenRenault Clio RSII10
20.John de VosRenault Clio RSII9
21.Dennis NieuwenhuisRenault Clio RSII9
22.Eduard PetersRenault Clio RSII7
23.Coen VinkRenault Clio RSII7
24.Roel OudendijkRenault Clio RSII6
25.Mark KroesRenault Clio RSII6
26.Joan StraatmanRenault Clio RSII5
27.Hans DekkerRenault Clio RSII4
28.Roger MenginiRenault Clio RSII4
29.Paul MeijerRenault Clio RSII3
30.Jordy DostRenault Clio RSII3
31.Patrick de JongRenault Clio RSII3
32.Yvonne VlogtmanRenault Clio RSII3
33.Theo NabuursRenault Clio RSII2
35.Dolf DekkingRenault Clio RSII2
36.Sandra DoumaRenault Clio RSII1
37.Paulien ZwartRenault Clio RSII1
38.Robert van der BergRenault Clio RSII1
39.Donny CrevelsRenault Clio RSII1
40.Ronald MorienRenault Clio RSII1
Wim BeelenRenault Clio RSII
Arie DekkerRenault Clio RSII
Cor EuserRenault Clio RSII
Georgio Garritsen
Rob KarstRenault Clio RSII
Bas KoetenRenault Clio RSII
Evert KroonRenault Clio RSII
Debbie LoogmanRenault Clio RSII
Françoise LoogmanRenault Clio RSII
Tom Meylink
Wiebe OttenhofRenault Clio RSII
Daniel ReintjesRenault Clio RSII
Jan RijgersbergRenault Clio RSII
Ferry SomogiRenault Clio RSII
Dirk Ten HaveRenault Clio RSII
Jürgen van den GoorberghRenault Clio RSII
Danny van HalRenault Clio RSII
Chris van MarwijkRenault Clio RSII
Peter van MerksteijnRenault Clio RSII
Paul van SplunterenRenault Clio RSII

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