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Which has been your worst moment in your motorsport career so far?
Jono Lester:
– Broken leg in Porsche GT3 Cup accident
Michael Bilyy:
– Flipping in Jacksonville, Florida
Brendon Cook:
– Breaking bones in an accident in 1994.
Cassey Watson:
– Snetterton 2006 Fuel Pump Failure in Last Round, only had to finish to score 3rd in Championship DNF dropped me to 6th
Simon Sikes:
– Crashing in Fort Myers Prefinal with a championship on the line
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AAA National Championship 1947

 Teams | Stats | Cars | Birthdates 
1.Ted HornBennett Brothers, Ted Horn Ent...1920
2.Bill HollandLou Moore, Fred Peters, Bill S...1610
3.Mauri RoseLou Moore1000
4.Charles van AckerPreston Tucker770
5.Rex MaysBowes Seal Fast Racing, Flavel...763.2
6.Tony BettenhausenBelanger Motors, Wolfe Motors,...676.8
7.Walter C. (Walt) BrownMilt Marion Engineering, Rasse...650
8.Emil AndresPreston Tucker, Belanger Motor...575
9.George ConnorEd Walsh, Bill Schoof560
10.Paul RussoWolfe Motors, Corley, Andrews,...545
11.Jimmy JacksonJim Hussey500
12.Cliff BergereWinfield393
13.Walt Ader, Sr.Norm Olson, Preston Tucker, We...380
14.Duke NalonDon Lee, Andrews, Weirick360
15.Duke DinsmoreBill Schoof345.5
16.Steve TruchanSteve Truchan320
17.Billy (Louis) DevoreBill Schoof, Andrews310
18.Milt FankhouserMilt Fankhouser280
Eddie ZaluckiDreyer280
20.Cy MarshallBill White250
21.Jackie HolmesDreyer230
22.Herbert ArdingerWinfield207
23.Fred AgabashianRoss Page200
Louis Unser200
25.Mel HansenFlavell-Duffy, Bill Schoof, Pr...169.5
26.Myron FohrCarl Marchese160
Al RogersConiff 160
Charlie RogersJewell160
29.Russell SnowbergerFederal Engineering, Village I...140
30.Les AndersonLes Anderson120
J.C. ShoemakerJ.C. Shoemaker120
Buster WarkeJohnstone120
33.Johnny MauroFilcoolator100
34.Bill MillikenBill Milliken80
35.Delmar DeschBernhard60
36.Johnny ByrnePat Murphy50
Pete RomcevichGranatelli50
Hugh ThomasBrandimore50
39.Red ByronPauley-Voght 40
George HammondLou Rassey40
Buddy RuschMitchell40
42.Fred CarpenterPauley-Voght30
George MetzlerLee Glessner30
Art ScovellBill White30
45.Hal RobsonRichard Palmer10
Johnny ShacklefordJohnstone10
Henry BanksFederal Engineering
William L. CantlonLou Rassey
George "Joie" ChitwoodFred Peters
Kenneth FowlerDon Lee
Roland FreeBristow-McManus
Norm HouserRobert Allison
Walt KillingerJohnny Mauro
Jerry KubikKatty Korner
Al Miller IIClay Ballinger
Louis (Luigi Gilbert) TomeiLou Rassey
Frank WearneLou Rassey

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