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FIA Formula 1 World Championship statistics

This page handles statistics for the FIA Formula 1 World Championship between the years 1950 and 2014.


1.Flag Michael Schumacher91
2.Flag Alain Prost51
3.Flag Ayrton Senna41
4.Flag Sebastian Vettel39
5.Flag Fernando Alonso32
6.Flag Nigel Mansell31
7.Flag Jackie Stewart27
8.Flag Niki Lauda25
Flag Jim Clark25
Flag Lewis Hamilton25
11.Flag Juan Manuel Fangio24
12.Flag Nelson Piquet23
13.Flag Damon Hill22
14.Flag Mika Häkkinen20
Flag Kimi Räikkönen20
16.Flag Stirling Moss16
17.Flag Jenson Button15
18.Flag Jack Brabham14
Flag Emerson Fittipaldi14
Flag Graham Hill14


1.Flag Michael Schumacher156
2.Flag Alain Prost106
3.Flag Fernando Alonso96
4.Flag Ayrton Senna80
5.Flag Kimi Räikkönen77
6.Flag Rubens Barrichello68
7.Flag Sebastian Vettel63
8.Flag David Coulthard62
9.Flag Nelson Piquet60
10.Flag Nigel Mansell58
11.Flag Lewis Hamilton57
12.Flag Niki Lauda54
13.Flag Mika Häkkinen51
14.Flag Jenson Button50
15.Flag Gerhard Berger48
16.Flag Carlos Alberto Reutemann45
17.Flag Jackie Stewart43
18.Flag Mark Webber42
Flag Damon Hill42
20.Flag Riccardo Patrese37

Fastest laps

1.Flag Michael Schumacher77
2.Flag Alain Prost41
3.Flag Kimi Räikkönen39
4.Flag Nigel Mansell30
5.Flag Jim Clark28
6.Flag Mika Häkkinen25
7.Flag Niki Lauda24
8.Flag Nelson Piquet23
9.Flag Juan Manuel Fangio22
Flag Sebastian Vettel22
11.Flag Gerhard Berger21
Flag Fernando Alonso21
13.Flag Mark Webber19
Flag Damon Hill19
Flag Ayrton Senna19
16.Flag Stirling Moss18
Flag David Coulthard18
18.Flag Rubens Barrichello17
19.Flag Jackie Stewart15
Flag Clay Regazzoni15

Pole positions

1.Flag Michael Schumacher68
2.Flag Ayrton Senna65
3.Flag Sebastian Vettel45
4.Flag Lewis Hamilton34
5.Flag Alain Prost33
Flag Jim Clark33
7.Flag Nigel Mansell32
8.Flag Juan Manuel Fangio28
9.Flag Mika Häkkinen26
10.Flag Nelson Piquet24
Flag Niki Lauda24
12.Flag Fernando Alonso22
13.Flag Damon Hill20
14.Flag René Arnoux18
Flag Mario Andretti18
16.Flag Jackie Stewart17
17.Flag Kimi Räikkönen16
18.Flag Felipe Massa15
Flag Stirling Moss15
20.Flag Rubens Barrichello14

Race starts

1.Flag Rubens Barrichello323
2.Flag Michael Schumacher308
3.Flag Riccardo Patrese256
4.Flag Jarno Trulli254
5.Flag Jenson Button253
6.Flag David Coulthard248
7.Flag Giancarlo Fisichella231
8.Flag Fernando Alonso221
9.Flag Mark Webber217
10.Flag Gerhard Berger210
11.Flag Andrea de Cesaris208
12.Flag Nelson Piquet204
13.Flag Jean Alesi201
14.Flag Alain Prost199
15.Flag Kimi Räikkönen198
16.Flag Felipe Massa196
17.Flag Michele Alboreto194
18.Flag Nigel Mansell187
19.Flag Nick Heidfeld185
20.Flag Ralf Schumacher180

Race win percentage

1.Flag Bob Sweikert100%
2.Flag Bill (William John) Vukovich66.7%
3.Flag Pat Flaherty50%
4.Flag Juan Manuel Fangio47.1%
5.Flag Alberto Ascari40.6%
6.Flag Jim Clark34.7%
7.Flag Sam Hanks33.3%
Flag Rodger Ward33.3%
Flag Tony Bettenhausen33.3%
Flag Jimmy Bryan33.3%
11.Flag Sebastian Vettel31.5%
12.Flag Michael Schumacher29.6%
13.Flag Jackie Stewart27.3%
14.Flag Alain Prost25.6%
15.Flag Ayrton Senna25.5%
16.Flag Stirling Moss23.2%
17.Flag Damon Hill19.1%
18.Flag Lewis Hamilton18.8%
19.Flag Nigel Mansell16.6%
20.Flag Niki Lauda14.6%
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