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ADAC Volkswagen Polo Cup statistics

This page handles statistics for the ADAC Volkswagen Polo Cup between the years 2005 and 2009.


1.Flag Jimmy Johansson10
2.Flag René Rast6
Flag Maciek Steinhof6
4.Flag Alexander Rambow4
Flag Max Sandritter4
Flag Stian Paulsen4
7.Flag Andreas Simonsen3
8.Flag Patrik Olsson2
Flag Shane Williams2
Flag Fabian Plentz2
Flag Constantin Dressler2
12.Flag Casper Elgaard1
Flag Niclas Olsson1
Flag Thor Qualmann1
Flag David Jahn1
Flag Jaap van Lagen1
Flag Andreas Pfister1


1.Flag Jimmy Johansson15
2.Flag Andreas Simonsen10
3.Flag Alexander Rambow9
Flag Maciek Steinhof9
5.Flag Patrik Olsson8
Flag Shane Williams8
Flag Elia Erhart8
8.Flag René Rast7
Flag Stian Paulsen7
10.Flag Max Sandritter6
Flag Andreas Pfister6
12.Flag Philipp Leisen5
Flag Niclas Olsson5
Flag Constantin Dressler5
15.Flag Niclas Kentenich4
Flag Thor Qualmann4
17.Flag Markus Grünewald3
Flag Fabian Plentz3
Flag Steffen Faas3
Flag Dennis Nägele3

Fastest laps

1.Flag Andreas Simonsen5
Flag Jimmy Johansson5
3.Flag Stian Paulsen4
4.Flag Niclas Kentenich3
Flag Nico Bastian3
Flag Alexander Rambow3
Flag René Rast3
Flag Max Sandritter3
9.Flag Marcus Fluch2
Flag Elia Erhart2
Flag Patrik Olsson2
Flag Matthias Teich2
13.Flag Christoffer Nygaard1
Flag Maciek Steinhof1
Flag Casper Elgaard1
Flag Niclas Olsson1
Flag Simon Reinberth1
Flag Shane Williams1
Flag Maximilian Hackländer1
Flag Philipp Leisen1

Pole positions

1.Flag Jimmy Johansson9
2.Flag Alexander Rambow4
Flag René Rast4
Flag Andreas Simonsen4
Flag Patrik Olsson4
6.Flag Maciek Steinhof3
Flag Sebastian Voges3
Flag Max Sandritter3
9.Flag Niclas Kentenich2
Flag Shane Williams2
Flag Thor Qualmann2
Flag Constantin Dressler2
13.Flag Jann-Hendrik Ubben1
Flag Elia Erhart1
Flag Stian Paulsen1
Flag Andreas Pfister1
Flag Simon Reinberth1
Flag Nico Bastian1
Flag Maximilian Hackländer1

Race starts

1.Flag Andreas Pfister30
Flag Sebastian Voges30
Flag Alexander Rambow30
Flag Constantin Dressler30
5.Flag Stefan Kolb29
Flag Elia Erhart29
7.Flag Shane Williams21
8.Flag Marlene Dietrich20
Flag Markus Grünewald20
Flag Niclas Kentenich20
Flag Steffen Faas20
Flag Christoffer Nygaard20
Flag Andreas Simonsen20
Flag Stian Paulsen20
Flag Thomas Grindel20
Flag Patrik Olsson20
Flag Marleen Seilheimer20
Flag Heiko Gerth20
Flag Jimmy Johansson20
20.Flag Maciek Steinhof19

Race win percentage

1.Flag Jaap van Lagen100%
2.Flag René Rast60%
3.Flag Jimmy Johansson50%
Flag Casper Elgaard50%
5.Flag Maciek Steinhof31.6%
6.Flag Max Sandritter21.1%
7.Flag Fabian Plentz20%
Flag Stian Paulsen20%
9.Flag Andreas Simonsen15%
10.Flag Alexander Rambow13.3%
11.Flag David Jahn11.1%
12.Flag Thor Qualmann10%
Flag Patrik Olsson10%
14.Flag Shane Williams9.5%
15.Flag Constantin Dressler6.7%
16.Flag Niclas Olsson5.3%
17.Flag Andreas Pfister3.3%
18.Flag Niclas Kentenich0%
Flag Markus Brun0%
Flag Gregor Messer0%
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